Tardis Bookshelves, Game Of Thrones Recliners, And More Cool Nerdy Furniture

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Anyone who has ever been to a sci-fi or comic book convention knows that nerds love to get creative about the ways they express their adoration of their favorite fandoms. It’s common to see these super fans flaunting their customized video game props in the real world, showing their true colors in detailed and elaborate costumes, or even sporting full body paint in cosplays of the more exotic characters of the nerd world. However, even in their own private homes, true fans find ways to show their love for TV shows, video games, movies, and all the other things that make geeking out truly worthwhile.

Not every geek is a seamstress, and for every epic costume designer, there’s a handy nerd with a backpack full of wholesale carriage bolts, locking washers, and possibly even a sonic screwdriver.

Photos source: www.timey-wimey.com

You and That TARDIS

The growing popularity of Doctor Who has made it easier than ever to purchase TARDIS themed clothing, bookends, even a particularly impressive TARDIS refrigerator (it’s colder on the inside). However, many resourceful nerds often opt to build their own. Simple home furnishing projects such as bookshelves, and even quilts and blankets, are easy to craft even for the less handy nerd, and there are many patterns available online for transforming your interior into a true expression of your love of all things timey-wimey.

Photos source: www.gizmodo.com

Winter is Coming

As an epic television drama series based on George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire books, Game of Thrones has inspired many nerds to soaring new levels of creativity. One of the most commonly attempted recreations from the show is the coveted Iron Throne itself. The throne makes an intimidating challenge for any builder; the titular chair from the series is crafted from the hundreds of blades taken from the vanquished enemies of the kingdom, and is a large fused mass of metal that would be difficult to sit in safely, let alone build. However, many dedicated fans have attempted to imitate this impressive armchair, to varying degrees of success.

Photo source: www.dadsupercool.com

May the Force Be With You

Star Wars has been a sturdy staple of geek culture since the 70′s, and continues to grow in popularity even today. Whether you stick a homemade lightsaber extension on a flashlight and battle your friends while making swooshing noises, or build a full AT-AT Imperial Walker bunk bed for your kid (or your inner child), hand crafted Star Wars memorabilia pays homage to both the original epic sci-fi films, and to their modern video game, television, and book spin-offs.

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