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South Africa World Cup Poster
Image courtesy of 2010 Fifa WC

How the hell Harmesh Valley is top of the league no one knows, it looks like choosing your players by lucky dip works for some. Well as long as he is not top at the end we will all be happy as we cannot have a Man Utd fan win the league as they know nothing about football.

This is only the first week and I am sure some of the star players will start to perform and take my teams back to the top of the league where they belong, as so far most of the star players have been very disappointing and not even being scoring goals let alone playing well.

The next update will be in a week and hopefully we will have a different team at the top.

Finally, Thank You to all for joining our league.

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  • http://TrueMoments Harmesh

    How can your team go back to the top if they were never top in the first place??

    I know this is your dream team, but please stop fantasying about being top and about knowing your football.

    Fact number 1: Valley/Man utd fan won the fantasy football league last season where you came second.

    Fact number 2: A Valley/Man utd fan is on top right now in the Tara League.

    Fact number 3: I will finish top of the Tara League at the end of this World Cup!

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