Sunny Beach – Bulgaria

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Sunny Beach Bulgaria

I would say that I would definitely go to Bulgaria and Sunny Beach again and I can only see it getting better and better, as more and more people start going and more bars, clubs and hotel get built. I would definitely recommend the place.


The beach is gorgeous, long and sandy, apparently it is 7 kilometers long but I did not walk the distance to find out. The good thing about it being so long is that there is plenty of space for everyone and not the least bit overcrowded. The sea was also nice the only downside was the seaweed on the shoreline but as soon as you get past that it was nice and clean.  Also the temperature of sea was good and still nice and warm come 8pm.

Bulgaria - Sunny Beach


It was nice and hot all day long with the temperature being in the low 30c’s. Even at night it was still hot and you could wear t-shirts and shorts all day and night it was that nice. I could not have asked for better weather for the week it was perfect


I found the majority of people being nice, helpful and friendly. The locals were helpful and friendly even when they could not speak English.


There are plenty of places to choose from and I found all the places that we tried, to be tasty and provide quality food. All places offer a variety of different kinds of food to cater for all the different nationalities of tourists that go to the area. Even the local Bulgarian dishes were nice, I tried one which was a bit like a stew and tasted very good and would have again.

Bars & Clubs

There are lots of different bars and clubs to go to. The only downside with some of them is that they get too hot inside and do not have any air-conditioning. There are a few different big clubs to go to one of the big main ones is Lazur which has its own outdoor swimming pool for those of you brave enough to go in.

Club Lazur Sunny Beach

Another big one is Iceberg which probably is not worth going to in my opinion. If you like your R n B and Hip Hop the main bar you should go to is Bounce which plays good music all night.  There are plenty of different bars and clubs to choose from with a lot of nice bars by the beachfront.

There are many different casinos but the main and biggest one is called the Kuban and located on the main strip and easy to find. If you are going to go to a casino you are best of going to the Kuban

If you have been there let us know what you made of the place.

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