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It is a blessing to have a nice home, supportive family, desired food, relevant job and good health; so if you have of any of these luxuries then you should take a moment to Thank God. Also, we should respect and appreciate everything we have to lead a good and peaceful life but we should not forget the unfortunate ones who can only dream to have our lives. One of the ways to show gratitude is to participate in Sports Relief which is exactly what I have been doing over the years and this year is no different.

Having participated in the Sports Relief 3 mile run held in Wigston then I managed to raise £40 by running three miles in 33 minutes. However, I must say that I am disappointed with my participation in Sports Relief this year, since last year I ran 3 miles in 22 minutes and raised £120 which is three times more than what I did this year. Nevertheless, I feel proud that I spared time to do the run and collect some money, even if it is a small sum, to help the needy. At the end of the day, it is not a competition to see who ran faster or who raised more but it is a team effort to help people living tough lives in the world’s poorest countries; every little sum raised helps to bring relief to the unfortunate ones.

Please help to support Sports Relief in their applauding objective to transform lives across the world by donating even a small sum to higher the total raised so far of £31, 633, 091 at

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My Sport Relief medal, which i’m so proud of…

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