Speed Dating – Is It Worth It?

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Is speed dating the right way to find Mr or Mrs Right? Is it meant for meeting potential partners for life or are we just looking for fun in these events?

Speed dating can be used for just a social time out, but these events are generally used by single people looking for love and companionship. But is speed dating for you?

To be honest, I always thought of speed dating as a way of showing desperation. But then I started wondering why thousands or even millions of people attend speed-dating events. surely all can’t be desperate can they? So like they say, ‘there is only one way to find out’.

So off I went. I got lucky from the beginning as this was no ordinary speed dating, it was named ‘Asian speed dating event’ and being Asian myself, I thought I could find a better match when it came to my cultural needs. It was even based at a bar named ‘Bar Serius’ which made me a bit more comfortable as it was familiar territory for me. People that took part had a sticker with a number stuck on them so they were easily identified. The £5 entry fee included some fabulous refreshments with vegetable samosas, cheese strips and a cocktail stick with a block of cheese, a cherry and a piece of cocktail fruit on it –‘Voila’.

As you would expect, we were sat down and given the chance to speak to our potential lovers for a few minutes and then moved on to another seat where you would meet someone else. I found myself repeating a lot of things such as in what I did for a living and how many brothers and sister I had and many other things.

I always thought I would find my first love naturally, on a bus or bumping into them under the rainbow with a butterfly flying across behind her. But never like this, and for this reason it didn’t feel right for me. But speaking to some people that took part, I realised why a lot of people take in such events.

With the world so busy, careers so hectic and running businesses can be 24 hours 7 days non-stop, a lot of people don’t get time to socialise with other people and if they do, will it be long enough and on a regular basis? That’s why I found more career minded people and business owners attending this speed dating event.

But nevertheless, regardless of what circumstance you maybe in, attending a well organized speed dating event can only give you more option of partners and can also be a good learning curve in what you are looking for.

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