Spain – The Best Team Ever?

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Having added the World cup to the European championships they won two years ago, it really makes you wonder just how good this team really is. It also shows that European football is becoming a dominant force, as at one time the South American countries were the ones to keep an eye out in the tournaments, not anymore!

I have to say in what was generally a disappointing game of the football the world cup final did not live up to expectations again. Although I should be used to this by now as the finals are never normally best games of the tournament as was proved again the current World Cup.  With so much at stake it is understandable when teams do not play to there full potential.

Spain were deserved winners, although they lost their first game they continued to play the game in the way they know how and it’s proved once again that only they can play this game effectively. They improved as the tournament went along and it still looks like they could improve which is a scary thought. As good as Spain were especially in midfield where they can out pass and out-think any other team you still expect more from them. With a relatively young team still, makes you wonder how far this current team can go, especially when you consider players like Pepe Reina, Fabregas, David Silva etc struggle to get into the team. Even Spain’s second team is good enough to go far in any competition.

The fact that they won their last four games in the current World Cup one-nil is a bit disappointing as you always want to see a team score lots of goals. If Torres had been fit you wonder how many goals Spain would have scored. The part in the final when he broke down again right at the end was very sad.

For Holland to play like they did, from the team that invented total football, to play in such a disappointing manner is sad for the game of football. Even legends of Dutch football have criticised the manner of their performance, especially as they have quality players of their own but were not interested in playing their own game but just trying to stop Spain play theirs.

To make an entertaining game of football generally you need two teams who go out there to win.  Though I wanted Holland to win after watching the game I am glad they did not as they did not deserve to for the way they played. They should have had at least three players sent off.

I feel sorry for the English referee but I definitely think he had a bad performance as he always bottles the big decisions (he did the same in the Carling Cup final when he did not send off Vidic) as it was a clear red card for De Jong.  He should have been off and it may have stopped all the other fouls that followed and made the game much better to watch.

In the end the best team won and one of the few in the tournament that actually went out to win games rather then rely on other team’s mistakes.

What did you make of the world cup final?

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