Sneakerheads: What You Need To Know

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Sneakers usually aren’t the biggest dent in your wallet, unless you’re a “Sneakerhead”. Sneakerheads spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on certain shoes. This subculture has been around for more than a decade, but it’s continuing to grow exponentially every day. Social media and online forums have played a huge role in recent years – promoting the sneakers that are made popular by musicians, athletes, and designers. Enthusiasts see these sneakers and need to have them. Other people see these sneakers and know they can make money off them. Read below to find out the basics of this interesting culture.

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The People Involved

Although primarily a male-driven culture, women participate too!  Two types of people make up this subculture: the true sneakerheads, and the resellers. A true sneakerhead is a sneaker collector. A lover of everything sneaker related. They’re the ones that know the materials the shoe is made of. They know the year that a certain model first came out. They know the history of the brands they love.

Then there are the resellers. They know enough about certain shoes to know what they’ll be worth, buy them, and sell them for 2x, 3x, or even 10x the price. They know how to get the sneakers quick enough, and they’re the first to know where they’re being released. Resellers can be looked at as the “distributor” to the true sneakerheads – that is, if the true sneakerheads can’t get their hands on the shoes right when they come out.

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Which Sneakers Are Worth The Most?

To the average person, most “sneakerhead” shoes look very normal. To be perfectly honest, there’s nothing special about most sneakers that raise the price. It’s all about hype and age. The less pairs that are made, the more they’ll go up in value. Other sneakers go up in value as they get older and more rare. It’s that simple. Certain sneaker designers, such as Ronnie Fieg, will automatically mean a higher price. Certain “celebrity sneakers” like Kanye West’s “Yeezy 2” can have an effect on the hype of the sneaker. Certain brands, like Jordan, have a loyal fan base that’s ready to hop on anything that comes out.

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Buying The Sneakers

So where do these expensive sneakers exist? There are certain stores, such as Flight Club in New York City, that carry a large selection of popular, rare sneakers. However, for newer models, most people will first try to get the sneakers at retail price.

In most cases, there is an in-store release, as well as an online release. For very hyped up sneakers, the lines will usually be down the sidewalk or the mall. For online releases, it’s a game of luck. NikeStore’s Twitter is famous for tweeting a link to their newest shoes, and most popular releases will sell out in seconds. You have to be quick on your keyboard. Putting your shipping and credit card info into Google Chrome will speed up the process significantly, and give you your only real shot. Some people create bots to auto-buy sneakers, but many companies and stores are trying to block them. Most sneakerheads end up wearing their beloved sneakers very rarely, if at all. Extensive collections are held in bedrooms, purely for show, or for trading and selling.

If you’re interested in getting into this culture – have your wallet ready!

Author bio: Ashley Dean is a freelance writer and sneaker enthusiast. When she’s not searching for hard-to-find styles, she relies on Family Footwear Center for her everyday footwear needs.

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