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Are you suffering from amnesia? Or did your diary get lost? You do not need to worry as you still have time to get your partner the right gift for Valentine’s Day. Here is my guide to various things you could do without breaking the bank. This is for both men and women.

Gifts for Her

1. Flowers – What is better than saying I love you or I am thinking of you with a bunch of flowers? I am not talking about the c**p you can pick up from the forecourt of petrol stations. Go to a florist and pick up the ones she loves. Every female will have a favourite flower so start paying attention guys. If you cannot get to the florist, then check out

2. Chocolates – Well what can be said about this gift idea? Women love it and the price range is varied. You can go for a Cadburys Milk Tray box or go a bit further and splash out on a personalised chocolate box. The choice is yours. Check out

3. CD – The perfect gift for her and for those who do not want to spend any money. Find out the love songs she loves and burn her a CD. This does show creativity and the face you have put some effort into the gift. The place to pick up the songs is

4. Spa Day – This is perfect for those who have little time to relax and unwind. It’s even better when you can get a 2 for 1 deal, so this is something you can both do together and enjoy. She will not appreciate being sent off for the day on her own. Have a look at

5. Sexy Lingerie – So you want to spice things up in the bedroom as well as make her feel sexy? Well you can do all this with this gift and you do not have to look like a dork and go shopping in the town centre, as everything is now available online. Remember to get the right size as this could decrease any chance of seeing her in the present. is the site for all your sexy needs.

Gifts for Him

1. Red Letter Day – How about sending the man in your life on the experience of his life? From light aircraft flying to Ferrari driving, this is the perfect gift for you both to share. Check out and see what he will enjoy.

2. Football Cufflinks – A gift for him, and if you ladies have not picked up which is your partner’s favourite team, then be worried. You might think it’s not very personal like flowers, trust me men do not want personal. (Well I don’t) Here is the place to get them

3. DVD or Box set – You are probably thinking of how boring this idea is, but remember he will appreciate the thought and gift a lot more. I know I would. is the place to go for DVD and anything that might take your fancy.

4. Gadget Gifts – Now this is something the man in your life will love to bits. Men love there gadgets, and any gadget that will keep them quiet and out of the way for a while is a wonder gift (so the wife keeps telling me). Remember to go with the best seller in this category as the wrong choice of gadget can lead to disaster. will be the place to go.

5. Playboy – Now this is a novelty gift item that I have seen on one of the sites and I had to put it on here. If you want to really make him happy and wow him, this will certainly do it, I promise. Oh and I do not mean get him a yearly subscription, just pick one up from the newsagents. I know if I got this gift idea I would be shocked.

If you have any other great gift ideas for him/ her, no matter how far-fetched, do email us and let us know.

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