Robin Hood Comes To Sherwood Forest

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Robin Hood at Sherwood Forest
Photos by Harmesh Valley

If you had a choice to watch Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood anywhere in the world, why not in the home of Robin Hood himself – Sherwood Forest? It was only a few days ago I was there watching the showing in the middle of the woods courtesy of Heart FM.

You couldn’t purchase these tickets anywhere but only win them by listening to Heart FM and phoning in every time you would hear the Robin Hood theme. It wasn’t long before my luck was in and I won the passes enabling me to become king and choosing any three of people to come with me on this journey (or at least that’s how it felt).

Sam and Amy from Heart FM’s Breakfast Show superbly presented the whole event. Not only do they make great radio presenters, but also amazing event presenters due to their great humour and personalities. They arranged a quick game after choosing five random people from the audience where they had to shoot an apple off Dangerous Dave’s head with a bow and arrow. The bow and arrow was a complete flop as it kept on breaking but Sam and Amy came to the rescue by making the whole game so funny; they really are that funny.

Sam and Amy from Heart FM
Sam and Amy from Heart Fm’s Breakfast Show

It was an amazing feeling watching what was like a cinema showing but outdoors, exciting, exhilarating, and breathtaking and if truth be told, really cold. Knowing this was most likely going to be a one off experience, I tried forgetting the cold. However, I couldn’t help consistently adjusting my cotton sheet to stop the wind from crashing into my bare legs. But I suppose this was England, dark and in the middle of a forest.

Me in my Tara Magazine t-shirt
Me in my Tara Magazine t-shirt feeling cold…

All part of a great experience I suppose, I’m sure there were clips in the movie where it was shot literally where we were watching it from. The trees looked very similar as I played spot the difference between the trees on screen and off screen. Nevertheless, great movie, great experience and a big Thank You to Heart FM for making this happen.

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