My Top 5 Players At The World Cup

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These are the players I think that everybody will be talking about and most likely for one of them it will be his World Cup and will steal the show. I know some of the choices might be obvious but even so these are the players who I think if they play to there full potential could be the star of the Tournament. The first four were fairly easy to choose, the only hard part was deciding the order they should go in, but choosing the fifth player was hard as there are so many outstanding players to choose from.

1 – L Messi – Without question the best player in the world at the moment. If he truly wants to be classed as one of the greatest players of all time let alone for his generation, he will have to perform well at the World Cup. The only thing that is against him is that he is still to take his Barcelona form for his country. So the pressure will be on to see if can play just as good for his country. The only problem he may have is Maradona may not have the managerial knowledge to get the best out of him.

2 – W Rooney – Definitely the best player England have and if they are to have any chance of winning the World Cup they will only do it if Rooney performs well. If you take Rooney out of the England team I do not think the other strikers will score the goals needed, so Rooney will have all of England willing him on to perform well and win the World Cup for England.

3 – Kaka – Even though he has not had a good season for Real Madrid as long as his injury problems are behind him, and by all reports they are, I think he could be the player to make Brazil tick. If they are to go for it, they will need him to be on form, though Brazil does not rely on him as heavily as England do on Rooney. The reason being Brazil still have plenty of attacking options without him.

4 – C Ronaldo – If Portugal are to do well they will need Ronaldo to play for them as he has been doing so for Real Madrid, where he has been banging in the goals. However, to be honest I do not expect him to be the star of the World Cup as I do not think Portugal will be in the tournament that long. If they make it through their group they could play Spain in the next round and I think Spain will be too good for them. So unfortunately for Ronaldo Portugal will not be in the World Cup long enough for people to say he was the main star of it.

5 D Villa – The reason I have gone for Villa is that I can see him winning the golden boot and if he does he has probably helped Spain achieve their aim of winning the World Cup. I do not even think he is the best player in the Spain team but if he scores the goals to win them the World Cup who can argue against him being the star of it.

Who are your top 5 players to watch out for?

What do you think of my top 5?

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  • pav

    Well at least I was right about number one should have had Villa at two but still got a chance for things to change

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