Made In Aquila: Hosting London’s Hottest Events

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So the first time I watched Made in Chelsea I thought these guys are some boring stuck-up individuals…but boy was I wrong! These last couple of months we have seen Jamie and Lucy attend various Aquila events and party the night away in ways I did not think they were capable of!


Their first time with Aquila was in light of Halloween when Jamie and Lucy got into the spirit of the night by dressing up in some tight body loving costumes and coming down to Chelsea’s very own Upper West, partying the night away with the rest of the crowd.

It was very clear that these two were back on good terms as they were seen to be getting very close! However we may have to blame this on the alcohol because sadly this did not continue…

November 20th saw Aquila host another eventful night and of course Jamie and Lucy were there to support and party, only this time they weren’t as close as Jamie appeared to be losing his cool by getting rude to Miss Watson. She obviously was not very impressed with this and like most girl’s reaction…flipped him the middle finger!

Apparently this is not the first time Lucy Watson has been p***ed off by her cast members… whilst having a night with Aquila Events at Movida, it is believed that she was unamused when she saw Spencer Matthews (her ex-boyfriend) turn up with The Hills star, Stephanie Pratt. However, the drama is not only contained within cast as two of the cast members that unfortunately cannot be named are believed to have been caught getting off with Aquila employees!


Honestly before attending an Aquila Event I genuinely believed all of the stuff that happens on the show was put on for entertainment purposes! I was definitely not a believer of these celebrity events as most of them would promise you a good night mingling with the celebrities but instead have them cooped up in some far corner. However, after going to the Aquila nights…I have been converted! It’s the one night that I know is filled with celebrities, alcohol and is topped with a bit of drama…I don’t think I could ask for anything better!


The Chelsea mob are regularly seen out together and it is clear that Aquila is also their favourite event. For more pictures of the cast you can check out the Aquila London Facebook like page and if that’s not enough you can also check out the AQUILALDNEVENTS Instagram page. If you like to party with the Celebs then this is an event you should check out… it runs every Thursday at the well acclaimed trendy east London venue XOYO.

Author Bio: Janet Jones is an in-house Journalist at Aquila London Events.

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