Lionel Messi – The World’s Greatest Ever?

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Talking about the greatest players on the planet, the name Lionel Messi sure does come up a lot. You only have to watch the Barcelona Vs Arsenal match as Lionel Messi opened up even more eyes and especially one pair of eyes being on the face of Arsenals manager Arsene Wenger. But is Messi currently the best in the world? Or does Cristiano Ronaldo have a say in this?

Normally the Arsenal manager whinges about why his team loses, but this time round, even he had to admit he was outclassed and beaten by the better team. Arsene Wenger himself also stated Lionel Messi is the best player in the world, or was he using that as an excuse to why his team lost? Makes me wonder!

Then there’s the Portuguese and Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo, officially the most expensive player till this day. When he puts in a good performance or scores a stunner, a lot of people class him the best there is. But how can you compare?

Well, they both can dribble and take on players, but I say Messi does this better and more consistently. They both can also shoot remarkably, but this is where Ronaldo has the upper hand slightly, or shall I say “Upper foot”. When it comes to scoring goals by headers, Ronaldo not only has the height advantage but also more headed goals than Messi.

So how can we actually judge these players, by looking at their scoring records or base it on what their teams achieves? Or is it just by what style of football they play and what you may prefer? Ronaldo definitely has more attitude and possibly dives at times where you won’t see Messi doing to the extent Ronaldo does.

Well we could all wait for the World Cup finals and hopefully see an Argentina and Portugal final this year, that could possibly decide who actually is the worlds best footballer. Or if you cannot wait, you could tune into Sky Sports 1 this coming Saturday 10th April at 9pm and see the two best players battle it out as Barcelona take on Real Madrid. Maybe that will decide it for you.

So is Diego Maradona the greatest of all times still or has Messi proved to you that he is the Worlds greatest footballer ever?

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  • Harmesh

    Interesting choice of picture Mr Patel!!

  • Kapil Vaghela

    The best players are often the ones who influence the big games and make a diffence in them. This is where Messi and Ronaldo are different. In my opinion Ronaldo doesn’t do enough in the big games to substancially prove he is better than Messi, whereas Messi seems to turn up to the big occasions as proved in the game between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Comparisions can be made based on influence by the player on the team. Throughout the years there have been plenty of players who have been named player of the year which can be compared to any of todays stars for example, Zinedine Zidane, Eric Cantona, Ronaldo (BRAZIL), Diego Maradona, Pele etc…. all of which can be compared by the amount of influence they had in their teams but to name the greatest ever?? Well in my opinion it would have to be Diego Maradona, he had all the skills of some of todays top stars but also ALWAYS made the difference in the big games!

  • Rahul

    As Pele said when asked the same question – Let him score a 1000+ goals (like he has) and win World Cups (like he has) and then we can compare. For now, let’s not.

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