Letter To The England Team

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Flags in Leicester

Dear Fabio Capello and the England team,

I have a dream, which is to play football for a living, especially to play for my country at the World Cup, which is what you guys are doing right now. Instead I’m here working my ass off as a taxi driver to pay off my living expenses.

Being a British Citizen living in England, I do feel slightly ashamed with your last game against Algeria. I’m glad I didn’t put any flags up on my taxi. If I had been playing in the team that day I would have at least showed some passion, as I always do when I play football. The football pitch is sacred, you should show some respect for the players that have worn the three lions before you.

Anyways, just because we did not win, does not mean we are out, just like when we score a goal, doesn’t mean we win the World Cup. I’m sure Capello was trying to calm you guys down after the Gerrard goal against the USA, but you guys need to listen to him.

With Chelsea winning the Premiership by a single point and wining the FA Cup, I can understand a few Chelsea players getting too big for their own heads. Ignore the Terry-ble comments and listen to the Terry Venable’s football anthem instead and get into the spirit of kicking the ball like you guys do week in week out in the premiership

You guys also need to cheer up, no point winning or losing if you’re not enjoying it up there. Chill out and enjoy the football, which should be the secret to success. Wish I could say there’s no pressure, but the pressure is there so deal with it and use it to your advantage.

Play for the status of English football, show the world how great and passionate our football is. Show the world what you guys normally do back at home (in terms of the football pitch only).

I’ll have money on you guys to win 4-1, so even if you do concede a goal, do me justice!

Yours Sincerely,

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