L & B Hotel, Bulgaria

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L & B Hotel, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

L & B Hotel, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

On a recent trip to Bulgaria I stayed at the L & B hotel and I found it a very friendly, nice play to stay and with modern conveniences it made the stay all the better


The décor is very modern and welcoming. The rooms are nice and tidy made out in a modern minimal style which to some may seem basic but as we did not really stay in the rooms that much it was more than enough to meet our needs. The outside bar by pool was a nice place to relax. The pool itself was nice enough but I have seen better, as at times the pool could get busy with only a handful of people in it as it is not really that big.


Even with the language barrier we were shown good service by all the different members of staff from receptionists to bar workers. The only downside was that the rooms were only cleaned every other day when it would have been better if they did it every day.

Another plus point of the hotel was the very convenient shop at the hotel entrance which provided all basic necessities needed, at very good prices. The alcohol was cheap and so was the water, which with it being so hot you needed to drink a lot of to keep hydrated.

Food & Drink

The only disappointment with food and drink at the restaurant was the breakfast service as I found the choice was not big enough, although the scrambled eggs and toast with juice did go down well. I have to be honest and say I only made it up once for breakfast so the other occasions may have been better.

When it came to the dinner or lunch service that was where the food was good and definitely value for money. We tried a few different dishes and there was not one we were disappointed with. All the Pizzas and Pastas were nice which you would expect as if you can not get them right there must be something wrong, also the Sizzlers and Fish Dishes were nice. Even though it was convenient, we would not have gone back if it was no good as there were plenty of other restaurants.


If it was not for the good air conditioning I do not think I would have got any sleep as it was much needed. It was definitely good compared to other places where I have stayed where they only provide a fan and expect that to be enough, although it could have been better I cannot really complain for the price paid, and the beds were comfortable so you cannot ask for more.


I think the price is very reasonable and has a good location which is walking distance to the main strip and beach, though for some they may prefer a closer location. Sometimes it is better to bit further out as it will be quieter but it all depends on what you prefer and what you are looking for.

L & B Hotel Swimming Pool

Would I Stay There Again

I would definitely recommend the hotel to other people.  But would I stay there again is more of a tricky one as I am the kind of person who likes to try different places so if I went Bulgaria again I would probably choose somewhere different just so I can make comparisons, but if my friends booked the place again I would more than happily stay again.

Overall I would give the hotel 2 ½ out of 5

For Further details you can check out their website here: http://www.hotel-lb.com/

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