Is Reality TV Dead?

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Is it just me or has the Reality TV bubble burst? Have the public finally opened their eyes to the last 10 years of brain washing media propaganda.

Big Brother, I’m A Celebrity, X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing have enjoyed nearly 10 years of record TV ratings and being on the front page of nearly all newspapers, But reports of fixing telephone polls, complaints to OFCOM and scandals have bought the public to boiling point.

I have noticed in the last couple of months, people are not as keen on watching other people’s lives when there are so much more serious things on at the moment, like the recession and unemployment problems. When reality TV first started there was a buzz around the country that was not seen before. Watching People in a house, sleeping, eating and completing tasks took Television to a new level. It has never appealed to me on a personal level, but there was something about it that made people want to watch.

Programs like X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, were introduced as a talent shows, where people with rare talents who would not know how to get on the showbiz ladder. I remember watching the audition part of the shows, when it first started and I really liked it. It was not just the best singers or dancers in the auditions, it was also the most untalented who did not have an obvious gift, but they think they are good. It was just great TV and made you want to tune in every week.

At first these programs were entertaining but soon after judges realised a way of making of a better show for them, they started judging people on who were the better for media not who could sing the best. You take JEDWARD from the most recent X Factor. Completely inept, not even worth being called pub singers, but they got to the last 6 of the completion. Too me it showed where the show had gone. My friends on Facebook all updated their status with comments like “thank god they have gone”; I have never met or heard anyone who has liked there singing, well apart from Louis Walsh (Judge on X Factor). But they have gone to a new level of stardom, they are on the front of most daily tabloids and I have heard today that they are set to be in ‘The Simpsons’. How I ask? There must be a need for amateurish type of talent these days.

Some of the voting for these shows is so blatantly fixed; it does not go down with the general public. The nation is fed up with wasting their hard earned money on premium rate numbers just for their vote not to matter. The setup of Internet forums and newspaper articles, asking for the nation to boycott shows so it demonstrates they won’t be taken for a fool. Big Brother is the first victim to have fallen, having announced they are not making any more after the next show, but there will always be a new concept for the producer to fill pockets and make millions.

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