Is Internet Dating Leading To Infidelity?

I was listening to the radio station this morning. They were talking about how the internet has given the dating scene a new lease of life. The days of just meeting a potential partner at a social event have long gone and people use social websites to do this now e.g. Facebook and Twitter.

What the actual topic of discussion was regarding a website designed pacifically for Marital Affairs. I could not believe that there were actually sites for married people to meet other married, divorcees or single people for sexual relationships or affairs. The facts are that 60% of men and 40% of women have an affair at sometime in there in married life.

Have we as humans lost all morals. It is hard enough to find the right partner to have a relationship or marry these days, but then once we are married we have to worry about sites that promote ‘Having an affair’. Adultery can have such a bad effect on everyone involved, it changes everyone’s lives forever. I do think that marriage has lost its true meaning; it is just as easy to get a divorce as buying a newspaper these days. My personal opinion is that the famous role models of this world e.g. actors and pop stars do not take marriage seriously enough and as everything else we follow suit.

Internet has made adultery easier to commit, but the chances of getting caught have increased 10 fold as there is always a trail left. We are all using the internet and the more we use it the greater network of people we know, but do potential cheaters think of the consequences. I doubt it.

I think the true meaning of marriage needs a revamp because the only beneficiary is lawyers with the record level of divorces.

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