Is Formula1 2010 Just All Hype?

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I was looking forward to the start of this seasons F1 campaign thinking that with all the rule changes and all the pre-season hype that this was going to be one of the most exciting seasons in a long time. However with the first race just gone and it being a virtual procession around the track with virtually no taking over at all, it looks like most of the action will probably take place off the track again.

With the main rule changes of no re-fuelling and point structure changes to this seasons F1, I thought it might lead to more excitement and more over-taking on the track, but so far it obviously has not lived up to such expectations. Since it has only been one race maybe I am being a touch harsh and should give the changes a bit more time to take effect. I certainly hope it gets better and does have more over-taking, as you could blame the track for the last race for the lack of over-taking.

With the winner now getting 25 points and second place 18 points there has been a percentage difference and not just a point’s difference with the new structure. This was supposed to encourage drivers to go for the win even more, but it looks like most drivers were not prepared to push their cars flat out for the whole race to go for the win, for fear of not making the finish.

Before the season started there were so many things that made you think this season was going to have a lot to offer. One of the things that had been dominating the headlines was the return of the legend Michael Schumacher, arguably the greatest ever driver, but I do not think he is, as the majority of the time he was wining in the best car available. One of the other big talking points was the team line ups at both Mercedes (Formerly Brawn) and McLaren, with it easily being labelled a classic clash of England V Germany. This is all without mentioning Alonso moving to Ferrari and the return of Massa after last season’s injury. So for the first time in a long time it looked like there were going to be a few different teams fighting for the title, also could Red Bull do as well as last season?

Hopefully the races will get better and there will be more over-taking. I think this season could still prove to be a classic and I hope it does. My tip for the title has to be Fernando Alonso and I did think this even before he won the opening the race. However, I would really like it if Vettel or Webber of Red Bull-Renault could win it.

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