How To Beat Energy Price Rises

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Over the past few months Energy prices have been a big issue as prices rise and the competitions between suppliers is a constant battle. This is due to the increase by energy suppliers on the rising costs of wholesale energy. Comparing gas and electricity prices regularly to ensure that you are still receiving a good rate can make a big difference.

Simple adjustments like paperless bills so you can check your bills online instead of receiving it in the post or setting up regular direct debit payments can save a lot of money through out the year too with suppliers. Making Simple energy efficient changes around your home can really make a big difference too because as a nation we waste approx £3.3billion worth of energy every year and simple adjustments can change this and help the environment too.

Changing the light bulbs around the house to energy efficient light bulbs is the simplest way as they last a lot longer and also use less energy, correct

Insulation such as loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and boiler insulation all help to keep heat within the house, regular annual servicing will prolong the life of your boiler ensuring it works energy efficient and for longer.

There are many other ways to improve energy efficiencies within your home simple things like switching the television off instead of leaving on standby can save around £30 a year, washing clothes at 30 degrees, defrosting fridge freezers regularly to ensure they run efficiently.

There is also help available through various organisations and government schemes helping us all to save energy and money through reduced rates for insulation, grants for home improvements, free energy saving bulbs, discounts for replacing boilers over a certain time, and many more it is worth making a simple call to your energy supplier or local government department to find out what help is available to you.

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