How Safe Is Your Garden?

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Picture showing the snake trail, by Suveena Bali

Are you willing to let your children play outside with a 6 foot snake?  Are you confident to be gardening with a massive snake sliding in your garden?  Of course, the answer will be no for a normal person, since a six-foot black thick snake is terrifying. Nevertheless, this is the case for a street in Leicester which has a massive dark snake slithering in their gardens for over a week now and they are failing to obtain the right measure of help from the RSPCA.

For over a week now, there have been snake trails spotted in several gardens and some have even seen the snake late in the evening.  RSPCA have been reported about this uncommon situation and they have said that the residents must confine the snake themselves, even if the snake is dangerous.  Since, it will be a waste of their resource if they send an inspector out to look for the snake.  Also, they have said that they have no snake traps or anything to help trap the snake, so the residents should put towel or bucket over the snake for confinement.  So, the residents are looking for a 6 foot bucket or towel now!

Consequently, with the RSPCA being no help at all then the matter was reported to the Council who have said that it is not their responsibility to confine snakes as they do not have the right measures to do so.

This is a very unusual situation for the UK and it is shocking to know how unhelpful well established organisations such as the RSPCA are being with the entire situation.  With the RSPCA being the organisation to support animals then is it not their duty to confine the snake and take it to a safer environment?

With approaching summer then kids are very excited to be playing in the gardens from the early morning to late evening however now, they are frightened to even look outside in case they spot the snake.  Since, no help or support has been gained from the RSPCA or the Council so the matter was reported the local newspaper, Leicester Mercury to help spread awareness of massive snake in gardens and an attempt to obtain the right support.  Read more about it on the Leicester Mercury website.

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  • Kajol

    Sounds Scary :O am so not playing in the garden in the summer if that thing is still out der

  • Suveena

    Hope they confine the snake soon!

  • Jessica


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