Handball Or Dive Not To Be Idolised

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What is cheating?  Scoring a goal with the aid of handball or diving to win a penalty.

Arsenal player Eduardo da Silva took a tumble in the penalty box in the Champions League play-off against Celtic to win a penalty.  On the other hand, we have former Arsenal player Thierry Henry, who handled in the penalty box to setup a goal for his national team France in a World cup play-off against Republic Ireland.  What example have both players set for the youngsters watching around the World?

In both instances the losing team is left grieving (Celtic and Republic Ireland) for themselves. So what is being done or what will be done to remove these cheats from the game?

Everyone is talking about video replay to be introduced so that crucial decisions like this can be referred by the on-field referee to help him make the right decision.  But will that stop these cheats from cheating and setting a wrong example for all the youngsters watching?  These professional footballers need to learn that, whatever they do on the field the youngsters from around the World are watching and they will try and copy anything their favourite stars do.

I think to stop any kind of cheating in the game every football governing body need to ban the player who is bringing the game into dispute and this should take effect straightaway without any time for appeal.  Yes, that’s right no time for appeal, because most of the time when players appeal then the ban is turned over.  This way the players will think twice before they try to commit any sinful play, as all players want to be out there playing rather than sitting on the bench, so to ban the player  for longer rather than any fines will hurt them even more.

All the players need to be idolised for the right reasons, that is the only way youngsters will learn and we will have better players and less cheats in the game.

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  • Pav

    What do you know about football you are a man utd fan who had the giggest cheat in the world Ronaldo and Rooney is just as bad. I say ban Man utd

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