Guest Post: Tips For Entertaining At Your Summer Party

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A Group of Friends
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That first summer party in May was fantastic. The grill was going, the evening was nice and balmy, and everyone was upbeat, excited, optimistic and happy to be together.

Summer was in full swing.

But now it’s August. It’s scorching hot and has been for months. No one wants to go outside. Friends are getting snippy with one another. Your get-togethers have been increasingly and undeniably bland.

There’s still a good month left of summer though, and you don’t want to waste it. Take a peek at these few suggestions to liven up the last of your summer festivities.

The TV Voice-Over

Watching TV at a party can sometimes be a copout, but it doesn’t have to be. Putting your new LCD HDTV to use at your next gathering by playing the voice over game is a great way to get everyone involved and talkative.

Choose a movie on TV that no one’s seen or even a TV show (sitcoms are the best), assign everyone a character and then turn down the volume. Whenever someone’s character is on screen, he or she talks in place of the actual dialogue. Taking cues from others, characters’ actions or facial expressions helps for successful voice overs. It’s even fun to do with commercials. Hilarity will ensue.

Elementary School Throwbacks

Few people can honestly say they don’t miss the games of kickball, foursquare, Heads Up Seven Up or Potato Sack Races. Getting a little competitive at your next party is a great way to get everyone up and moving.

Ask for everyone’s favorite childhood games, spend a few bucks for necessary supplies and organize teams. If you’re embarrassed about your neighbors or passers-by seeing grown adults kicking a ball around, play discreetly in the backyard. They’re really just jealous.

General Dodgeball Warning: Your friends are much stronger than they were in 2nd grade. Play at your own risk.

Baking/Cooking Challenge

If you love throwing dinner parties, but hate being stuck in the kitchen cooking and cleaning all night, why not make it a competition and trick your friends into cooking with you?

Choose any easy-to-make dish, whether it’s stir-fry, burgers on the grill, or cupcakes. Set a time limit and split into teams but leave a few friends out to be the unbiased judges at the end. And, since the average person doesn’t have two kitchens, you’ll need to make sure that your kitchen and appliances can accommodate two teams.

Once you’re done, have your judges taste each dish, score them on taste, presentation or originality and crown a winner. It’s also fun to turn on an instrumental movie soundtrack and pretend to be on TV.

Let the Good Times Roll!

Summer isn’t over yet, so don’t put the cover back on the grill yet. There’s more fun to be had before winter rears its head again. Take advantage of those last summer nights or forever hold your peace.



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