Good-Looking Footballers

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The World is crazy over the World Cup 2010 as it is one of the biggest tournaments on earth.  Everyone is behind their favourite teams, everyone is skipping work to watch their team play, everyone is hoping the best players do not get injured or sent off and the list goes on and on.  However, some do not watch football for the team but for the handsome footballers and I cannot blame them as the footballers are stunningly gorgeous that it is hard to keep your eyes off them!


Beckham is the most famous footballer in the world, jackpot for endorsement dealers, extremely good looking, great body and a very good hearted human being.  Without any question, he has to be the best looking footballer on the planet!


Undoubtedly, Ronaldo is one of the best footballers of the world, however he is very stylish and handsome with a great body. His radiant complexion is flawless and features are stunning!


Torres is young hence his appearance reflects youthfulness and freshness.  He is tall, slim and well toned which makes him very attractive.


Gerrard is said to have a very young face despite his age touching thirty years.  Anyone and everyone would love to look young as their age rises and Gerrard has this amazing gift.


Ferdinand has strong features with a cheeky and cute smile.  He suits with braided hair or even bald, he can carry off casual and smart wear and he can look fierce and cute.  His looks are stunning and his genuine personality compliment his looks very well!

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