Go Green Whilst You Stay In Tenerife’s Best Eco Resorts And Hotels

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Going green is important to the world and to its future. Whether you’re at home or you’re in the workplace, it’s never been easier to go green. It’s even possible to go green when you’re on your holiday. One of the countries that is very popular as a tourist destination is Tenerife, which boasts amazing food with a slice of sunshine on the side. This little island also boasts some of the best eco resorts and eco hotels in the Canary Islands. Make a statement that you care about the environment and book a holiday away to Tenerife and stay in one of its eco resorts.

Photo Credits: casas.iter.es/en

Casas Bioclimáticas

This massive project was started in 1995 and it includes a village of the most technological advanced eco homes ever built. The bottom line is, these homes are self-sufficient and are some of the greenest places to stay in Europe. From air conditioning that’s wind powered, to solar panels that supply energy to the houses, these individual homes have all been built with slightly different environmental techniques. Built in a rural area, expect a quite holiday at Casas Bioclimáticas. If you fancy a slightly different experience from the normal holiday hotel, this place is where you need to stay.

Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf photos

San Blas

Set in an environmentally protected area, the Hotel San Blas is a fantastic hotel that caters for everyone. Fancy a bit of golf? There are plenty of golf greens available. Fancy a nice lounge on a beach with your family? This is the place to do it! With all these activities available to you, this hotel stands out from the rest by reducing its waste output significantly and reducing energy levels throughout the hotel building. There’s also an environmental reserve on the resort which offers picturesque fishing and boat trips.

Photo Credits: www.luzdelmar.de

Luz Del Mar

Known as “the secret of Tenerife” the hotel Luz Del Mar is situated on a banana plantation on the west side of the island. This hotel employs various environmental techniques in an attempt to go even greener. These include small touches like using solar panels to heat the hotel pool and recycling/filtering the water from the bathrooms of the hotel rooms, which is then fed down to the sprinklers to water the garden. This green hotel is also close to Teide National Park so make sure you bring your walking shoes on holiday with you!

Hotel Tigaiga Photos via Flickr.com


This hotel has been open a staggering amount of time. The first guests stayed in 1959 and it has an impressive 70 plus rooms and several suites available to stay in. Right next to the hotel is an amazing garden with sub-tropical plant species from around the world growing inside it. Spend your time walking through the garden with plenty of exotic plants to discover and find out why this beautiful hotel has won many environmental awards. Make sure that you book a room well in advance as the Hotel Tigaiga can get quite busy during the summer season.

So you’ve booked one of the hotels/resorts listed above, and you’re looking forward to your break away from the stresses of work, but you still haven’t booked your flight. No matter how you look at it though, air flights aren’t the most eco-friendly transport available. It is, however, often the quickest and stress free mode of transport to a holiday destination. There is an option that you can look at that could make flying more eco-friendly. There are particular airlines and airports around Europe that are more green aware than others. So if you don’t mind looking at various airlines, or you live near 2 or more airports, you can go on their website and view a list of all the activities they do to be more environmentally friendly and you can judge for yourself which one you’d prefer to use. A good tip is to look out for how they minimise their waste output!

Without a doubt, Tenerife is the place to go if you enjoy sunshine and brilliant cuisine; safe in in the knowledge that you’re helping the environment. For a clean and friendly holiday experience, make sure you take note of all the points above and make your journey as green as possible.

Author Bio: Charles Holland is a travel writer specialising in snow sports, cultural Europe, coastal India and African cities. Charles was born in London, but having grown up in Lagos, Nigeria, he has a great understanding of different cultures and world destinations. It was after he completed his English degree at the University of Sussex that he decided to combine both skills, travel knowledge and writing, to start posting his blogs onto the internet. So far he’s had great feedback and has some exciting projects in the pipeline. Feel free to contact him via email at [email protected]

Top Photo Credit: www.sandos.com

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