Give Flowers This Valentine’s Day

In this modern world with modern technology such as emails, texts and picture messages, people use this to keep in touch and express feeling and thoughts. Nothing wrong with this but a lot of us are forgetting the more traditional and most meaningful way which still is sending and receiving flowers.

Many people all over the world still do, as it is a unique and very personal thought and not only a women thing. They can be sent to express a number of emotions, feelings or simply just a gift for almost any occasion. Flowers have there own beauty within and the choice is endless as there are so many different types of flowers to symbolise so many different thoughts when words fail us. Flowers can show friendship, love, condolences and sympathy. Flowers speak for themselves as sending or receiving flowers allows a person to verbalize their emotions.

Flowers are used for general purposes such as decoration, gifts, making perfume and mostly and most effectively expressing feeling and emotions. The red rose is probably the most powerful expression of love and romance, white roses express innocence, charm and purity. The carnation comes in many different colours and each colour has it’s own meaning of love and purity which is used in large mixed bouquets. Lilies are used all year round and are very feminine and popular for hand bouquets. The chrysanthemum is symbolic of a passing life used often at funerals. The list is endless as there are so many different types of flowers available, so the next time you need to say something or just to show you care or your thinking of someone for whatever reason, say it with flowers.

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