General Election May 6th. Please Vote!

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May 6th will be a big day for the UK, The polling stations will open for another General Election to see who out of the current party Labour, opinion poll favourite’s Conservatives or the outside’s Lib Dems can be the next party to take us through the next 5 years. I am no expert in politics and I only know what I read in newspapers and watch on TV, we are in for tough time in the future no matter who we decided to vote for and whoever comes to be the Prime Minister.

Every party has their advantages and disadvantages, my parents tell me of the bad times when the Conservatives were in power last time, I remember how bad they were defeated in 1997 by Labour but would they make the same mistakes again? David Cameron does speak very well and does seem to relate to the more younger and family type voter. Labour have been in power for 13 years have had their share of bad press for example the expenses scandal and the following of America in war in Afghanistan and Iraq where so many young soldiers have lost their lives, the state of the country finance and immigration problems so are we surprised if confidence is lost in labour? Current Prime Minister Gordon Brown has never been voted in and I am not sure he would have been if he was in charge in the last election, he does not seem to be liked very much.

It leaves the underdog Liberal Democrats, who have never been in charge of the country, but since 1988 when the party was formed, has performed better at every Elections they have stood but do they deserve a chance? The other two bigger parties have had there’s and have done things wrong so maybe they should be given a chance. Nick Clegg leader of Lib Dem, has definitely put pressure on the other parties and if can get voter to back them enough personally I do not seem them having overall win but they could cause a hung parliament, this is where no party has no outright majority of seats .A hung parliament will usually force either a coalition government, a minority government or a dissolution of parliament.

So we wait and see what is going to happen on May 6th but please make sure you vote, people in our history gave us the opportunity to vote and we should never give that up.

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  • Rahul Samplay

    I am just lost in terms of who to vote for. I am going to decide at the last moment and go with my instinct!

  • Ruveena Bali

    i hope labour win! only if i was 18 and could vote myself, i would definately vote for labour (:

    • Jessica

      I agree with you as I want Labour to win too! Same here, even I can’t vote but I could then it would be Labour!

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