Fatherhood – The Joys

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In April 2008, I became a father to my little girl Simran. At only 24 years old I did not know what to expect from fatherhood and what responsibilities it will bring.

I got married two years earlier and I believe me and my wife (Baljit) were ready to take this step into the unknown. After having a difficult pregnancy due to medical reasons, the 9 months flew by. Before we knew it, the due date had come and gone. 4 days later the labour started, and even up until this point it still had not hit home I was going to have such a huge responsibilities.

I stayed through the whole of the labour like every husband should to support there wife. All through the pregnancy I had thought we were going to have a boy, to my shock and wonderful surprise it was girl. The most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen (every father says it), but it is a moment I will never forget. After the birth Baljit had gone to freshen up, I spent on my own 1 and 1/2 hours with my newborn. At no time in my life had time gone so quick, just watching her sleep in my arms and the thought she was mine did really bring a tear to my eye.

Labour was hard, but do remember that nothing can prepare you for fatherhood. No book, DVD or lesson can teach you what it will be like for you. I remember for the first 2 weeks all she did was sleep all day and night, I thought to myself this is not too bad. How Wrong Was I?

During the day she was fine, but the nights were very difficult, she would sleep for an hour then be up for 3 hours. I can not remember how many nights I spent resting her on my knee while sitting on the bed, swing side to side trying to get her to sleep and then trying to put her in the Moses basket, 10 minutes later she was awake. It was hard but when she would smile or wave you just did not care if she kept you awake all night.

Being a father has taught me to appreciate my parents. The love of a parent and child is unique and no one can replace this, no one else can feel this. It is so pure. Now 18 months on I will never forget these precious moments with my child, her first step, her first word, the way she runs around, the way she calls for me when I’m around “da da, da da” and most of all the way she can brighten up my day. It is true what they say,

‘A daughter is a daddy’s girl’.

I have never questioned myself, was I too young to have a child, but your life changes forever. You have a child that depends on you. There have been times where I have got ready to go out with my friends and they have been waiting outside my house for me but Simran was unwell so I could not go, myself and Baljit have not been able to go out at night or cinema together because we want one of us to be there for Simran. I still have a good social life and enjoy going out with my friends but now it’s when I can, rather then every weekend.

You have to make some sacrifices to achieve better things in your life. My family is my life and I would not change anything.

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