Fashion Footwear For Women Today

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Fashion Footwear for Women Today
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Shoes define the personality of a woman. It is equally important as apparel or jewellery for any woman. In ancient times, shoes were worn for the sole purpose of protecting the feet. However, that has changed completely today. Today, there are added functions of shoes and they are responsible for establishing the personality of women. New designs and styles in footwear have brought a revolution in footwear. Some of the latest trends in footwear are given below.

Stilettos are now going out of Fashion
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Trends in footwear that are in vogue:
If you want to appear updated and keep up with the latest in fashion footwear, you must have sufficient knowledge of the various styles and themes on which shoes are made. You can easily gather knowledge about footwear trends from the fashion magazines. Some of the designs in footwear are given below.

  • Ballet flats: This type of shoes is more common among celebrities these days. They are very comfortable and can be worn with a skirt or dress. They also go well with casual trousers. These flats are made for both formal and informal occasions.
  • Pointy ones: They are also called winkle pickers. They are very common in fashion shows and are available for use in parties and other formal occasions. They suit with trousers and dress or skirt.
  • Clogs: Clogs or wooden shoes are pretty common among today’s women and is a growing fashion trend.
  • Peep toe: These are very stylish and chic and come in a wide range. They are mostly preferred in parties and other such informal occasions and are good to wear. Some of the popular types of peep toes include ankle boots and flip-flops.
  • Wedge: It is the latest hit in women’s wear. It has literally replaced the stilettos. This is because they provide extension in height but with wider platform as base instead of the thin, high-heeled stilettos. One of the most popular forms include wooden base with jute straps.
  • Animal prints: If you want to try something wacky, try animal prints. Prints are available in python, leopard, zebra and other striped animals forms. You can wear such shoes with jeans or short dresses.
  • Gladiators: These types of sandals have remained since ancient times. However, few changes have been made. They are not just available in flat forms but also come with heels. You can pair up such sandals with short skirts or tight jeans.
  • Sandals: This is one of the most common forms of footwear. Sandal help in enhancing the beauty of a woman, especially if it is an evening wear. for exclusive occasions like marriage, strapped sandals are a better option.

Shoes adorn the feet of women. They complete the appearance of a woman. Therefore, no matter what the latest trend in footwear might be, it is best to choose one, which will suit you best.

Women love to accessorize themselves. From clothes to jewellery to shoes, everything has to be up-to-date. With a growing demand for fashionable footwear, new designs have emerged.

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