England Win Worst World Cup Award

England Dejected
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If they did the Razzie Awards for Sports: then England have already won. According to Fifa’s post-tournament rankings, the 2010 World Cup proved to be the worst ranking for England in their World Cup history.

Just goes to show, if you put a group of alpha-males together, you’ll get exactly what England got, an early exit. Actually, the word “clueless” comes to mind, from Fabio Capello to the likes of Lampard, Rooney, and Terry etc

They barely made it through the group stages, and once they made it through, they were royally thrashed by a young German side. Capello, I thought you were supposed to be one of the best managers in the business, so what happened?

If anything, I think English football should be emulating the Spanish team. English football need to adopt this so called “tippy tappy” football. European Champions, then the World Cup winners, Spain have showed that it’s not all about height, if you play the beautiful passing game, the results will come.

However, I do think something good will come from this World Cup and that is that wholesale changes will be made in English football. Regardless of the fact we may not see the likes of Gerrard, Lampard, Terry etc pick up an International trophy, however in 10 years or so we may actually witness England playing some beautiful intricate football.

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