England Can Never Make It Over The Line!

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What a whimper, with the sun shining and the hottest day of the year so far, England have made it all doom and gloomy with a 4 – 1 loss to Germany.  I don’t think it can get any worse for England supporters and I feel sorry for the people who have spent all that money to go out to South Africa to follow their beloved team, who were absolutely sh*t.

We can sit here blame the linesman for the goal which was not given, but these players and management must take the blame.  Players that get paid double/triple amount of most people’s annual wage each week performed like if they were on the dole. The manager is more like a Prime Minister with a four year contract if not longer and with no passion for English football.

The worst defeat ever at the World Cup at the hands of your worst enemies.  Germans looked like they had hunger, the desire to succeed which was non-existent in the England squad from the start of the World Cup. These England players are so called “superstars” of English football but the inexperienced Germans made them look like non-league players.

All I can say at the moment is “over-hyped, over-rated, over-paid players f**ked my weekend up”, hottest day too hot to handle.  Sorry for the bad language but this is not what I wanted to see from England, later in the week I will try and highlight what exactly went wrong for England.

What do you think of England’s performs at the world cup? Do we need to change the manager? What about the players, do they deserve their place in the squad?

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  • Pav

    I blame the players

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