Do You Know How Much You Drink?

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How much is too much?
Do you know what your recommended limit is?
Do you now how many units are in your drink?
Do you know what a unit is?

A lot has been made of the British drinking culture and as a nation many of us drink too much. Not just those who get pi**ed every weekend in town centre’s across the UK, but also all those who think nothing of having a bottle a wine a night with there meal. As whichever you are, you’re most likely drinking more than is good for you and damaging your long term health.

Above are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself and if you do not know the answers the chances are you are drinking too much. If you do not know the answers and are worried about your drinking, check out I think this is a very useful website and the one thing I learnt was that a pint of Stella is 2.95 units. So no wonder I get pi**ed when I drink more than 5 of them.

Knowing how many units are in your drink is hard to tell as it depends on the size of your glass, especially if you are drinking wine and strength of the drink, as nowadays all different types of alcoholic drinks the strength varies a lot. Things could change and it might become easier to know how much a unit is if labeling laws change and supermarkets, bars and off-licenses are forced to show how many units are in alcohol, but to be honest even if I knew how many units I was drinking it would not really make me cut down as I know I drink more than I should.

Some useful points are:
A unit of alcohol is 10 ml of alcohol.
A pint is normally 2.3 units (if the strength is 4%)
glass champagne is 3 units
Pint of cider 3.4 units
One 25ml of whisky is 1 unit
The government’s daily recommendations for men are only drink 3-4 units and women 2-3.

Well with the World Cup now up and running I know my drinking will increase for the month so the recommended daily limits will go out the window as 3-4 units is nothing really. I am surprised women do not know more about how many units are in a drink as if you ask them how many calories there is in something they could tell you that straight away. Also according to some health advisers, doctors should now start asking their patients how much they drink as normal routine when patients visit their doctors. However doctors themselves do not agree as they should only ask when patients show signs of drinking too much as it is not up to them to police peoples drinking habits.

The last time I went out I tried to keep count and from what I can remember I had a bottle of Cider, a pint of Peroni, two pints of Fosters, 2 Strong Long island Iced Teas and two glasses of some other cocktail, which I know is more units then I should drink but it does not stop me.

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