Designing The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

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You can tell much about a man by the home he lives in. If he shares it with a partner, only bits and pieces of his personality may show through. But when he lives alone, every inch of that place should ooze his style. If you are a bachelor, instead of just making your home a place to drop your things and sleep, make it a place where you can really be you.

Choose a Decor that Works

There are three ways you will spend time in your place: Alone, with buddies and entertaining a date. So you want to be certain your decor fits your lifestyle. The key is making sure your style is multifunctional, it looks great, reflects your taste and will work well based on how you use your casa.

Once you have found a great, albeit empty space, you want to begin where you will spend most of your time, on your sofa. According to, the first thing you should do is spend some serious cash on a great sofa. Do not consider saving money here, since this is such an important element of your digs.

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You want to make sure your sofa is comfortable, since you are going to be sitting, lying and hanging out on it. suggests getting a sectional if you are the type that enjoys entertaining with larger groups of friends, but not too big so that your date is a mile away. Then you can use this piece as the cornerstone of your design.

Create Functional Storage

Storage is another important factor to consider. You are not going to constantly clean up after yourself when you live alone, so you will want a great place to be able to hide stuff when company comes over. Plus, you will want enough storage to cover all your equipment and gadgets as well as the behind-the-scenes wiring that makes it tick, according to Home Designing.

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Amp Up the Electronics

Speaking of making it tick, don’t skimp on your electronics. Whether you are alone, or with guests, chances are you will have the television and stereo on. Plus, many men are judged by the size of their screen. Shave magazine recommends setting the bar at 50 inches, but if you can go bigger, you should. Anything smaller does not a home theater make. Plus, your sound system should complement your home theater but only take up a minimal amount of space.

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Window Coverings

Do not forget about privacy. Since you probably are not planning on putting on a show in your place for the world to see, you will want the option of covering up your windows. SF Gate suggests getting custom window treatments with simple clean lines to create a sleek look that is masculine. Custom window coverings can be tailored to match your taste, while providing privacy, energy efficiency and adding style.

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Get Automated

To really bring your perpetual bachelor pad together, add some home automation. Techradar details the ways you can control things in your home right from your iPad or iPhone—from lights and temperature to the window treatments and locks. How about some remote surveillance when you let a buddy house sit? Or even lighting the fire and setting the mood as soon as you walk in with a date? Romance is not dead, it has just gotten an overhaul. Remember, you are the master of your domain, not just how it looks but how it works.

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Author Bio: Pamela Tindal runs her own interior decorating business and blogs about business solutions for fun.

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