Designer Clothes – Are They Worth It?

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I started buying designer clothing in my first year at college. At sixteen years old you become quite impressionable, looking out for what the latest brands are and what your friends are wearing.  The big brands that I was into like DKNY, TED BAKER and CK, these brands are not cheap. I remember paying for £50 for a t-shirt, which did not even have the logo or brand name in view.  Even though they were so expensive I still believe the quality on the item was there.

Astonishingly, a regular fan of designer clothes is alert that they are inexpensive to make, yet he’s at all times ready and willing to turn over his wallet or purse and seize a set of three shirts for £500 or much more. He mainly sees his acquisition as “collective works of assets” which ends up tearing down any unconstructive disapproval against high cost of designer’s clothing. It is fine if individuals have heaps of money to pay out on garments, but the compulsion by some people to these designer labels lead to costs further than people’s means. Most enthusiastic buyers regard designer clothes as vehicle of arrogance, ego massage, confidence boosting and curry envy of peers and contemporaries, while in general they like to have that “extraordinary sensation” those greatly finished garments provide.

Now 10 years on from my college days, I do not go out looking to spend the money I used on designer clothing because I do believe the quality of clothing from some of the regular fashion shops like Next and River Island have improved drastically.

The fascination for expensive clothing for men and women has made young nation to go online, and very often the offline stores. They go after new trends and to cautiously all promising method to adopt new trends. Hollywood celebrities are the main foundation for young people to know about fashion. What they have today is fashionable tomorrow. New design of clothing used by David Beckham in a newspaper or magazine can make young people who want to reproduce, and consequently this becomes a style among them

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