Cosmopolitan Hotel, Leeds

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Cosmopolitan Hotel, Leeds

Cosmopolitan Hotel in Leeds

As Editor of Tara Magazine, myself, Rinkesh Patel, and my colleague Rahul Samplay, Business Coordinator, decided to pay a visit to the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Leeds, and we have to say how pleasantly surprised we were by our stay there.

Part of the Peel Hotel Group which has hotels up and down the country in key city centre locations, the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Leeds, despite it being one of the oldest hotels in Leeds, has been revamped to modern standards. Everything about the hotel says “I’m here to stay for a long time” with all of its modern facilities on offer.

In keeping up with the times, it offers the following and many more:

-          Free Wi-fi

-          Dvd facilities

-          Satellite/Freeview on an LCD television (dependent on room size)

-          Power Showers (these are great trust me!)

-          Ceiling Fans (much needed)

With Leeds reputed to have one of the best nightlife’s in the country, then you’re not too far away from the action. You’ll find a host of bars, clubs, theatres and eateries all within walking distance from the Cosmopolitan. With that said, what can the Cosmopolitan Hotel provide?


Having had a recent £1.5m facelift, the Cosmopolitan has become an ultra trendy hotel. The interiors are new, stylish, trendy, warm and welcoming, something that you would expect from a hotel of this calibre. The place that really stood out in terms of design was the bar and the restaurant area.

The rooms itself are clean, with a modern cream decor and the en-suite was a crisp white. The ceiling fans provide a nice little uniqueness to the rooms. Now we come to the life and soul of the hotel, the bar and the restaurant. The bar/ restaurant area is really the place to be, whether enjoying a casual drink (as me and my colleague did) or enjoying a meal as you watch the world outside unfold. The bar area would be great on a hot summer day as their windows open up fully, as you sip on your cocktail and watch the world go by.

Interior Designs


What makes good customer service? A service with a smile, and that’s exactly what me and my colleague got on our visit to the Cosmopolitan Hotel. The receptionists were polite and courteous, but that’s to be expected really, and they were attentive to our needs (although we didn’t have any), but it was good of them to ask. The bar and restaurant staff were polite, courteous and professional without them being too in your face.

The waiters and waitresses were always on hand should you require their services. I mean don’t you just hate it when staff keep coming back to you after every 5 minutes or so, when all you want to do is just enjoy your drink or your meal, thankfully this was not the case with the Cosmopolitan bar/ restaurant staff, they seemed to have nailed the art of customer service right on its head.

Reception at Cosmopolitan Hotel

Also, my colleague and I were afforded the luxury of staying in the Superior King Size Room, which was very spacious especially the king-size bed with good wardrobe space and a very powerful shower.  There is a free Wi-Fi is fantastic so you can access the Internet from you IPod touch and laptops for as long as you want without any additional costs.  Going back to small touches of uniqueness, a nice little touch was the rubber ducks in the bathroom; no doubt some people will have some fun with them.

Food and Drink

Unfortunately for us, due to timing restraints we were unable to make full use of the restaurant to give you a more thorough insight into the food here, we did manage the breakfast buffet bar in the morning, and this went down really well, and nothing beats a good ole English breakfast in the morning to get you going. A meal at the restaurant is definitely on my “to do” list next time I am in Leeds.

Bar and Fruit Cocktails

However, the menu does cover a wide range of food which includes sandwiches, salads, roasts, steaks and pastas, so I know I would have left the restaurant with a happy tummy. We did make use of the bar area, as it felt so relaxing sat there by the window and watching the world go by, and to quench our thirst I tried the  June Bug Cocktail whilst my colleague had the Virgin Peach Cosmopolitan (see pics), and for that we must thank Iveta who worked behind the bar.


Like with any hotels you stay at, the major deciding factor has to be the level of comfort it provides. The plus point here was having the luxury of a King-Size bed, with the King-Size bed I knew we were getting the ultimate comfort experience.

Another great little touch was rather than having a/c’s in rooms, there were ceiling fans, which was nice to see, and much needed as the night became very warm even with the window open, although my colleague did become a little disgruntled as his fan made more noise than mine did. I have to also warn you, and this is no fault of the hotel really, but be prepared for planes flying by during the night, especially more noticeable if you leave your windows open.

Room layout at Cosmopolitan Hotel


For its City Centre location the prices are very reasonable, and you can save money if you book your stay online today! Prices range from £44 per night (excl breakfast) for single rooms to £74 per night for the Executive King Size rooms based on weekend prices, weekday prices will vary. With the nightlife within walking distance, I personally think these prices are well worth it purely for the location itself.

Check out their website for more information:

Would I Stay There Again?

Without any question, I would stay at the COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL again if I visited Central Leeds for a future stay.

The only downside to the Cosmopolitan is that they do not have their own car park, but if you park at the Qpark Car Park (150 yards down the road), they will cover the cost of the car park from 18.00pm to 9.00am. However, outside of these times, be prepared to pay more than £8 if you go above 2 hours in the car park.

However, the parking is the only drawback of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, otherwise it is fine and apart from that the Hotel has a fantastic location, amazing exterior and interior designs, welcoming staff, friendly guests, good entertainment, delicious food and great atmosphere.  So, we would definitely recommend the Hotel to all of you if you are in Leeds or planning a visit there!

The exterior is very classy and attractive:

Cosmopolitan Hotel, Leeds

Review by Rinkesh Patel and Rahul Samplay

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