Chinese GP – A British One-Two

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It’s been another exciting race with lots of incidents, overtaking and talking points. This seasons Formula One competition looks like it is going to have a lot of twists and turns and with so many races left it is just going to get more and more exciting. For some reason it is true that every time it rains it adds more drama to the race, as everyone has to change there strategies and it does lead to a more exciting racing.

Button’s second win of the season takes him top of the drivers standing. Though it is still early days he must be feeling happy being at the top and beating his team mate. Before the season started a lot of people were questioning his judgment in moving to McLaren saying that he would struggle as the team revolves around Hamilton and that Hamilton is the better driver, but at the moment it is Button who is at the top and after such an impressive race win, in such challenging condition, he must be over the moon.

Rosberg and Kubica both underlined what good drivers they are by finishing 3rd and 5th respectively as they did well in the changing conditions, finished higher than their team mates and did it all in cars which are definitely not as good as their rivals. You can always see how good a driver is when they get the best out of a car which you know may not be the best on the field. What happened to the Red Bull’s after another impressive qualifying performance of finishing one and two they only managed to finish 6th ad 8th in the race. It appears their cars are much better in the dry conditions and for some reason do not perform as well in the wet or changing condition.

For me, one of the highlights of the race had to be the cheek of Alonso in overtaking his team mate Massa at the entrance of the pit lane as they both went in to change their tyres due to the rain, though after the race they both played down the incident. Another incident to take place in the pit lane was between Hamilton and Vettel and both there cars did end up making contact, though it was nothing serious. It just shows how determined the drivers are and how they go all out for the win no matter what the costs. The incident just shows how determined Hamilton is to win and it is that determination that makes him such a great driver, though I do think he was lucky to get away with just a reprimand for his role in the incident.

The one thing I am still waiting for this season is for Schumacher to be racing further up the field at least for a podium position as we have definitely not seen the best from him yet, compared to his vary high standards, previously. I am sure that Mercedes will be challenging for race wins at some stage especially with the team they have and the brilliance of Ross Brawn in charge. I for one cannot wait for the next race in three weeks time.

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