Celebrity Body Guards In Action!

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You’ll see celebrity bodyguards a lot more than you actually think, almost every time you see a celebrity being papped and tons of screaming fans around you can guarantee that a security officer is not far away. Most recently Justin Biebers bodyguard was called to action when the young singer was visiting London to perform at the O2 Arena. Bieber was riled up as he was getting into his car by a member of the paparazzi who started shouting at him, the singer leapt out of his seat and tried to swing for the photographer, luckily a bodyguard was there to hold him back and nobody was hurt.

In 2012 Lady Gaga’s bodyguards had to step in when an excited fan ran up to her, with a pen and paper in hand looking for an autograph. As the star walked out of her hotel in Bucharest, Romania she was quickly approached by the man, two of her security officers were quick to react and quickly stopped him in his tracks, pushing him up against the revolving door. Lady Gaga was clearly shocked, but was escorted straight out of the building and away from the fan. The man was left curled up in a ball on the floor, unharmed but no doubt a little embarrassed about the situation.

This isn’t the only time that one of Lady Gaga’s adoring fans has been turned away just as they got close to the star.

A young girl who looked only around 5 or 6 years old, tried to have a picture with Lady Gaga however she was ushered to one side by a bodyguard and never got the chance to get the snap. The girl was clearly upset and the issue raised questions of whether the bodyguards had gone just a little bit too far this time.

Lindsay Lohan’s bodyguard was another who managed to get a little publicity in the press back in 2007 when photographers got a little eager around the star. One of them ended up kicking Lohan as she was leaving a parking garage which resulted in him getting a firm kicking himself from her bodyguard. If you’ve seen the video I think you’ll agree that it seriously looked like it hurt!

It seems like sometimes it isn’t just the celebrities themselves that get some of the limelight, their bodyguards pick up a little media attention too. Stars no matter what status they have, are beginning to hire bodyguards, even Honey Boo Boo now has one. As long as the paparazzi and adoring fans are still swarming around, the bodyguards will not be far away and what have we learnt?

Don’t try and get in their way!

Author bio: Holly Powell, on behalf of Custodian Guards, Security Officers a leading supplier of security services.

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