Catching A Taxi Can Be Very Taxing

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Catching a taxi can be dreading, especially when you’re stuck in traffic and the meter is ticking away. Being a taxi driver myself in Leicester, there are dangers of getting ripped off and for taxi drivers there is a danger of getting no payments. But if you know your prices, you can’t go wrong. Here are some tips and advice in catching taxis.

Firstly, here are my top five good points about catching a taxi.

  1. Avoids drink and driving (at least for the passengers).
  2. Can be a cheaper option, especially if shared by other people.
  3. Gets you from A to B.
  4. Takes off a lot of stress of driving and planning.
  5. Saves time.

Five bad points:

  1. Can be one of the expensive options.
  2. A taxi can sometimes be late (traffic or bad sense of direction).
  3. Taxi driver could be grumpy.
  4. You might be sitting on a seat where a person vomited on the night before.
  5. You might get stuck with heart FM.

I hope that helps. With many taxi firms in Leicester and many new ones under cutting prices of their competitors, it can save you a lot if you know how to take advantage of this.

Sticking to one firm cannot only build relationship and trust, but you would also be given priority and not charged extra for no good reason. If you require a taxi to/from the city centre then Highfields Cars, ABC and Swift Taxis would be your best options. If you are travelling locally, for example, Thurmaston to Syston then you are better off choosing a firm based in those areas saving you money and possibly time.

From my experience, catching a black cab is most likely to be cheaper if travelling a short distance such as from a nightclub in town to another nightclub in town. But after a night out and to want to go home, catching a private hire is definitely the safest and cheapest option if previously booked or caught from the taxi base. Officially, private hire cars are not allowed to pick passengers up randomly from the streets, as it is not safe. But if you are desperate, you could always ring the number on the car you seen go past and it should be with you within minutes hopefully.

And finally to all you taxi drivers, working late at night, make sure you collect the money up front before the journey commences. No matter how innocent they look, it’s not worth taking the risk is it now? But if you decide to collect money at the end of the journey, there’ll be more chance of getting a tip, provided they pay up. So, in the end the choice is yours.

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  • Mandy Bharadwa

    Harmesh at long last I get to visit your Tara Magazine, very interesting read indeed. Love your holiday page the hotel indeed looks good, you definitely captured the hotel in its limelight, but I must say I was a bit disappointed that you did not take any snaps of the rooms as you commented on them so that people like myself would think whether it would be worthwhile or even my monies-worth for me to go and have a holiday there. I guess I just have to visit and find out for myself.

    Hey the end result of you and your friend who are involved in this magazines articles have to be congratulated for all their efforts keep it up and good luck for the future guys.

  • Harmesh

    Hi Mandy and welcome to Tara Magazine!

    Well I’m sure I have pictures of the hotel rooms if you really wanted to see them, but the hotel is actually in process of upgrading their rooms. So ideally we need to aim to get pictures of the new rooms.

    Fancy a trip to Tunisia then?

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