Cashmere Vs Wool – Warmth, Elegance, Softness, And Durability


As many people on the Internet ask this question and get poor answers, I’ll try to explain the difference between Cashmere and Wool and how to recognize them.

I’ll start with Cashmere, which is a type of fiber that is obtained from the hair of cashmere goats native to Asian regions of India, Iran, Mongolia, Afghanistan, and other Asian countries. It was first produced and traded in the Kashmir region where it derives its name from as early as the 13th century.

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Cashmere fibers are scarce and costly to produce. This is because it is obtained from the soft undercoat of goats that are raised for its production. First, the soft undercoat fibers are separated from the coarse upper coatings, which involve combing and hand sorting. The process is only done during the mounting period in spring. For these reasons, the global production of cashmere is very low compared to wool, which also contributes to its higher prices. The average diameter of quality cashmere wool does not exceed 19 microns.

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Wool is generally used to refer to a variety of fibers that are obtained from any animal hair. However, in some places like the US, wool is used to refer to sheep wool, which could be attributed to the fact that most of the wool that is used all over the world comes from sheep.

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Sheep produces different kinds of wool but the best ones are the merino wool and lamb’s wool. Merino wool comes from a merino type of sheep and not all merino sheep produce the same quality of wool depending on the diameter of the hair follicle. For example, garden merinos produce a wider hair follicle of around 23 microns, which is almost twice finer than human hair while others produce fine hair of 23 microns. The finest type of merino wool is the ultrafine type, which measures a diameter of less than 15.5 microns. This type is actually produced in fewer amounts and therefore more expensive than all other types.


Cashmere vs Wool – what are the good, and bad?

Cashmere clothing is much more expensive than wool. This is because not only it is a scarce quality fiber but also an elegant and classic garment that can be worn in all occasions given that it is easy and light. It is the warm hence perfect attire in the winter as well as evening a divine evening wear.


The good thing about quality cashmere is that despite its lighter weight and perfect softness, it is actually about 8 times warmer than wool. Wool on the other hand is a fine, elastic and strong fiber that has the softness of cashmere. Merino wool has no itchy feeling, absorbs odor, and protects against UV light. It is much more durable than cashmere, which is one of its important characteristics.


It is, however, not good to be worn during hot seasons because it is a much heavy garment.

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