BH Air – Bourgas Airport, Bulgaria

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BH Airways Jet

On a recent trip to Bulgaria I flew with Balkan Holidays Airline (BH Air) to Bourgas Airport in Bulgaria to reach my destination of Sunny Beach. The final destination was definitely worth going to again but would I fly the same way again?

On the way to Bulgaria we were lucky enough to get the fire exit seats which gave me more than enough leg room. It was only on the way back did I realise how lucky I was as I did struggle for leg room even though I was in an aisle seat. The lack of leg room was a real pain for me and would make me think twice before flying with BH Air again.

Apart from the leg room issue I did not have any other issues with the quality of the airline.  All other aspects were as you would expect for a low cost airline nothing was particularly bad or outstanding. The stewardesses were pleasant and helpful.

With regards to Bourgas Airport it is on the small side and if I had a choice I would not really go there again, as when we arrived there, we had to wait a long time for our luggage to arrive.  Also on the way back it was not really a pleasant wait for our airplane to take off, as I found the food to be pricey even for normal airport standards. The waiting area was not particularly nice as inside, the air conditioning was not good enough and outside there were too many mosquitoes waiting to feed off you.

So given the choice, I would not use the same airport again but that would not stop me from going to Sunny Beach again.

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