Banksy, The Illusive Graffiti Artist

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Banksy Film
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Banksy is a mysterious British graffiti artist, originating from Bristol but his real personal identity is shrouded with mystery. His artworks are generally based on subjects like politics, culture, and ethics. He combines graffiti writing with a different style of stenciling. His street artwork has appeared in cities all over the world. He became popular during the 1980′s when graffiti art was at a boom!

Whoever he is, his artwork is fantastic and all project a powerful message to society. His bold, direct approach to art is what makes him unique and apparently he doesn’t sell photos of his work either. Add to that, the mystery of his real identity makes a wonderful story for a movie. Funny I should say that, his first film will be out on March 5th 2010 (next Friday) in the UK called “Exit Through the Gift Shop“. The film was recently premiered at the Sundance Festival 2010 in the US. The rumour is that the film is also full of mystery…

Some of his coolest work:

Monkey Parliament - Banksy

Steam Roller Warden - Banksy

Flower - Banksy

Forgive Us - Banksy

Eat The Rich - Banksy

Flower Chucker - Banksy

Guantanemo - Banksy

Kissing Coppers - Banksy

Ikea Punk - Banksy
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His works of art can fetch six figure sums (famous celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have bought his paintings) if sold but sadly there are those in society who don’t appreciate his work and see it as just “graffiti”. Don’t know why but his work reminds me a lot of Andy Warhol, the American pop artist.

If you would like to send a photograph of some of his work to us then we’ll add it on here…

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