An Idiot’s Guide To Valentine’s Day..

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Don't Break Her Heart
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Well it’s that time of the year again, when lovers from all over the world will unite and celebrate St Valentines Day. It’s probably 1 of the 2 most celebrated holidays in the calendar, the other being Christmas. This is the time when, like a flower blooming in spring, romance blossoms as gifts are exchanged, sweet words uttered to each other, and telling each other how special they are.

Here’s a bit of a helping hand for you guys. Although I’m no expert on Romance, I do know that all it takes is a bit of common sense.

What to say to her?

I love you…For those who are madly, deeply, hopelessly in love, make sure you let her know how much you love her, and don’t shy away from saying it, it will make her feel precious.

You look beautiful…There’s probably not a bigger compliment than telling her she looks amazing, but as with any compliment, make sure it comes from the heart.

That looks great on you…Always give her feedback on her fashion sense, tell her if something looks great on her, or if something doesn’t suit her, but don’t be insensitive and say the wrong thing.

Recollect old memories…Sit down together and think back to your first kiss/romantic date/holiday, or the first time you made her laugh, or the first time she gave you the feel-good factor.

What to give her?

A Hug/ Cuddles… Don’t be shy guys, give her a hug and a cuddle, and show her that you are there for her.

A Kiss…Don’t make it too sloppy guys (or girls), slow and romantic is the way to go. Remember, kissing is an art-form.

Compliments…Make sure you shower her with plenty of compliments. Her hair/eyes/smile/, or anything about her that makes you smile and are the genuine reasons you care for her.

A single rose…why a single rose you may ask, because in my opinion it’s a lot more romantic than a bouquet of roses or flowers. Don’t let it be a one-off as well; make it regularly, maybe once-a-month at least.

New memories…give her some new memories that she can cherish, give her some pleasant surprises. Think about how your going to make your time together more memorable.

What to do for her?

Hold her hand…When out in public, don’t be shy from holding her hands, it shows you care more for her than others.

Make her breakfast…Show her that you know your way around a kitchen, also show more initiative than Beans on Toast.

Take her out for lunch to her favourite place…Show her that you’re willing to spend money on her.

Buy her a gift or two…Randomly buy her a gift; don’t leave it for special occasions to buy gifts. Show her that you think about her a lot.

Cook her dinner…Once again show her your culinary skills, and set up for a nice romantic candle-lit meal for two and recollect all your romantic moments together.

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I know this is Valentines, and everyone gets caught up in the whole Valentines affair, but it would be a lot nicer if everyone was to adopt some of the above on a more regular basis, it would make the world a bit more romantic. Let’s not reserve all the niceties just for Valentines Day.

Well it would be great to hear some of your romantic stories, maybe your first date, or tell us how your partner makes you feel special, feel free to email us.

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