A Man’s Home Is His Castle – Infographic

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This infographic, titled ‘A man’s home is his castle’ focuses on the importance of home safety equipment. It explains how home safety is so important but an often over looked task. There are many possibilities in your home for accidents to occur and it is up to you to prevent these from happening.

The infographic starts off with a diagram of a typical home and the precautions you should be taking room by room. Each of these tips are important to implement as they are often forgotten areas of home safety, such as in children’s bedrooms keep nightlights away from drapes and fabrics as they could overheat and remembering to install a smoke alarm in the attic if you have one.

One item that should be present in every home is a fire extinguisher. The infographic details the areas where a fire is most likely to break out and advice for the type of extinguisher to use and where to place them in your home. Another very useful section included in this and ways to further optimise the safety of your home is ‘How to ‘burglar-proof’ your home’. This section provides excellent advice on how to lower the risk of your home being broken into.

Gas leaks are also a serious risk to home safety and often people don’t know what to do if they smell gas or suspect a gas leak. The Gas Do’s and Don’ts section provides information with exactly what to do in such a situation. Importantly this infographic reminds you that if you do smell gas act immediately and do not assume someone else will.

Finally, it has a handy list of emergency numbers you should always have in case there was a home safety incident in your house.

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A Man’s Home Is His Castle: The Importance of Home Safety Equipment – Infographic by www.mrhomeinspections.ca

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