A Boot For All Seasons: Hunter Rubber Rain Boots

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No matter your taste in footwear, soggy socks and pruny feet are never in fashion. Protect your feet in style and save your leather shoes from the next big downpour by sporting a pair of Hunter rubber rain boots.

A Piece of British History

Hunter Boots was founded in 1856 with just four employees. During World War I, the company was commissioned to produce boots that would protect the feet of the British army serving in flooded trenches, supplying more than a million boots before the end of the war. Today, the company bills itself as “a symbol of British country life,” and its rubber Wellington boots, or “Wellies,” are a symbol not only of this company, but of life and leisure in the British countryside as well.

A Boot for All Seasons

Produced for the past 55 years, these rubber Hunter boots will not go out of style next season like most womens boots. A year-round investment, a pair of these traditional Wellingtons makes perfect winter boots, protecting wearers from the dirty slush of city streets or the icy cold wetness of a crisp country snowfall. They’re great for stomping through springtime puddles, taking muddy summer hikes and visiting the apple orchard in autumn. The classic design is cute enough to be worn with a summer sundress for a practically chic and fun vibe and, as winter boots, these British staples look right at home with jeans or leggings and a warm, cozy overcoat.

Practicality and Comfort

Womens boots have never been so practical or comfortable to wear. Hunter boots are made of rubber, giving them a playful, or even edgy and industrial, look. (They are, in fact, able to protect feet from the hazards of industrial chemicals on the off chance you find yourself slogging through a toxic waste site!) They’re also virtually impermeable, the ultimate in waterproof footwear. Hunter’s Wellington boots will take you wading through a country creek or help you navigate wet city streets without leaking. Their sturdy construction makes them the perfect pair of go-anywhere rain boots or winter boots, and the durability of Hunter boots makes them a good investment that will stand up to years’ worth of the elements and outdoor recreation.

Unlike most womens boots, which encumber the wearer with high heels or pointed toes, Hunter rubber rain boots are comfortable and roomy. A side strap ensures a perfect fit, and can be adjusted to accommodate bare legs or pants. Hunter’s classic design protects not only the foot and ankle, but the calf, sock, and pants’ hem as well, making them far superior to short, impractical ankle boots.

Wear Them in Good Company

Cool, funky Wellingtons instantly make any outfit more casual and lend an urban-chic vibe to every wardrobe. Slip on a pair of these rubber rain boots and you’ll be in good company: The Royal Family wears them, too. The manufacturer even holds two Royal Warrants, one of which was issued by Her Majesty the Queen herself. And, if there’s any doubt that Hunter’s classic Wellington boots are always in fashion, simply check out the pages of June’s Vogue, where these Wellies were featured by contributing editor and gardening enthusiast Miranda Brooks. She loves them for working in her garden and shows them paired with a short summer dress.

Hunter’s famous Wellington boots have also been spotted on celebrities like Kelly Ripa, Nicki Minaj, Kate Moss, Dakota Fanning, Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow. Katy Perry’s been sighted wearing them with a hat and trench coat as she hurried along a city street, and Kate Bosworth was photographed pairing them with a floral mini dress at an outdoor event. As an icon of British style, Hunter’s Wellies are without a doubt the only rubber, weatherproof boots fashionable enough to appear at Hollywood’s A-lister events.

Whether you’re just trying to keep your feet dry or daring to make a fashion statement, Wellington boots from Hunter are a versatile, durable, comfortable choice. This style, which has already endured for decades, is sure to remain a shoe wardrobe staple for years to come. Timeless fashion plus protection from the elements will make these your new favorite boots for every season.

Author bio: Mike Henson has worked in the fashion industry for long and knows almost everything about latest trends. He is presently associated with Jigsaw London site which deals in online women’s clothing. You can ask him all your queries and questions about fashion industry and hot trends. He loves receiving these questions and answers those promptly.

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