5 Things To Consider When Throwing The Party Of The Year


You’ve always wanted to throw a memorable party, be it a birthday party, a going-away party or a party for no reason at all, but you’ve been hesitating. Maybe you believe you have neither the time nor the budget for a big bash. Maybe you’re one of those people who just know that they’ll forget something important. Hesitate no longer! Here are five useful tips that will help you throw the party of the year with minimal stress and within a small budget.

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Have a Theme

Having a theme actually goes a long way in making a party a success. It helps the host/hostess focus and restricts his/her choices a bit. A theme doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can revolve around one type of cuisine or even one color. Everything from indoor lighting fixtures, to invitations, to flower arrangements can be revolved around the theme.

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Take Care With the Lighting

When it comes to indoor lighting, candles are just the thing for an evening party. You can’t have too many of them and candlelight makes everyone look good. If candles aren’t practicable, as with a child’s party, pink light bulbs or any sort of dim lighting are almost as good.

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Use Your Best Glasses

Beautiful drinking glasses make an impression. They don’t need to be expensive. Simple tumblers are fine as long as they are absolutely clean, crystal clear and plentiful. To make them as clear as they can be, they can be washed with soapy warm water, dipped into a white vinegar and water solution and rinsed with hot water.

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Consider the Number of Guests

The best type of party is where the room feels full and the crowd is happily buzzing. This is especially true during the evening when things are a bit more lively than during a daytime party. To keep the crowd from thinning out too much, consider making some of the rooms off-limits. Once again, things maybe a little different with a kid’s party. The rule of thumb is to invite as many children as the birthday girl or boy has years. For example, for a seven year old invite seven kids.

Music! Of Course

Good music always sets the tone for the party. Depending on the type of music you decide to have playing, will definitely decide the mood and activity of the party. If you are wanting a more mellow, low-key type of party, maybe some acoustic style music would be preferred. If you’re wanting to have a dance-type party, hip-hop and dance music would be most appropriate to get things going.

These are the only five tips that can help you throw a party your guests will remember with pleasure for years to come!

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