5 Fun Ways To Give A Gift From Afar


Even from very far away, it’s easy to show how much you care. Loved ones who happen to be out-of-town during that special time can be so hard to shop for, but all that is now changing. There are ways to dispense gifts to those who would truly appreciate them as much as they welcome being spared the experience of receiving those devastatingly commonplace gift cards. To this end, we are gratified to present our own list of five really fun ways to send gifts from afar.

Electronic Delivery of Event Tickets

Tickets to a hot concert or a favorite sporting event can be obtained online in an instant and they can be delivered via e-mail or electronic download. Getting tickets into the hands of somebody far away is now as fast and easy as downloading an eBook.

“Old-Timey” Throwback Telegrams

We’ve are all aware of them from the movies, but very few of us have ever received one. By them, we mean those classic Western Union style hand-delivered telegram messages that always arrived in large buff colored envelopes that often portend grave or joyous news. Nothing could be more unexpected or create such a sense of anticipation as the experience of opening one of these up on the doorstep. Thanks to the creative genius of some clever entrepreneurs, anybody can send one or many of these very realistic looking “cables” as they were once known to a friend either as a gift or as a way to announce the arrival of a gift.

No More Long Distance Phone Charges

A novel approach to giving someone the gift of unlimited talk is to present them with a cordless telephone. When plugged into a computer connected to a wireless router, anybody can use this phone to talk with anyone else in the world all day long for practically nothing.


A New Take on the Fruit Basket

Every year online gift companies come up with new ways for people gift sweet and/or savory treats to their favorite far away darlings and sweethearts. Many of the most intriguing spins on the gift basket include: live lobsters on ice, stone crabs, Bourgogne triple crème, gourmet marshmallows, fresh honey combs, grass-fed beef steaks, smoked hams and turkeys, bourbon-flavored maple syrup, aged black garlic, exotic vinegars, imported salami, bacon lollipops, homemade gin kits, and gouda cheese. On the more conventional side, there are ample ways for gift givers to show their good taste when giving something tasty. Such offerings include premium coffees along with the kinds of baked goods enjoyed with them, hand-dipped chocolates, flavored popcorn, and arrangements of sweet and ambrosial baked goods the likes of which come from the warm ovens of the Cookie Bouquet Company.

Give the Gift of Travel

Retail gift cards for all kinds of products and services have been on the market for quite some time. Today, one can find them in almost every supermarket. It took the airlines years to figure out that they could do the same thing with their business model and eventually they got around to it. At present, there are about a half dozen airlines that will offer to sell a person a gift card good for air travel to almost anywhere on earth. The best part is that these cards are available for both physical and electronic delivery.

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