5 Creative And Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Home This Christmas

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There’s no reason why getting festive should cost you a fortune. Here are a few tips for decorating on a budget this Christmas.

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1. Do It Yourself

When the holiday season rolls around, stores unfailingly stuff their aisles with Christmas themed items. While it may be convenient to throw a pile of these cookie-cut themed products into your shopping cart, it will save you a pretty penny to just make them yourself. From popcorn streamers to red and green painted light bulbs, there are a variety of ways to creatively bring the Christmas spirit into your home. Some favorites include making your own candles with festive colored wax or using bits of nature such as pine cones and evergreen branches to accent your home. You can make a large amount of artificial Christmas swag for much less than store prices if you have just a bit of creativity and time.

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2. Recycle

Christmas happens every year, so there’s a good chance you might have some of the decorations you used last holiday season hidden in a box in your basement. Even if you don’t, a good tip for this year is to save all of your ornaments and Christmas decor items in a designated storage place so you can reuse them every holiday season without having to take another trip to the store. This easy task can make your holiday seasons into an extremely cheap affair, while still being classy and filled with spirit.

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3. Ribbons

If you take a stop at your local craft store, you’ll find a large number of different types of cloth and other materials are relatively inexpensive. Choose some seasonal colors and then add some bows and streamers around your home. By doing this, you can even make your very own artificial Christmas tree garland, helping to save you a large amount of money. A little effort in this department can fill your home with a festive mood.

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4. Paper Cutting

One of the simplest and most cost effective decorations out there are made from paper. Everyone remembers cutting snowflakes out of folded paper during their childhood. The great thing about this craft is that you really don’t need too much artistic skill to create a beautiful snowflake shape. Have a snowflake making party with your family and then display them on your windows. For more complicated designs, you can cut stand up angels and secure them with tape to create a simple centerpiece.

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5. Lights

Apart from your standard string of Christmas lights, you can light up the exterior of your home using white paper bags and candles, lining your driveway and the edges of your yard with your home. Another classy and effective decoration you can use for your home is to put cheap electric candles in your windows. This is a tradition that many families practice, and it costs very little to put into place.

Author Bio: Chaleigh Glass is a freelance writer and lifestyle photographer from NYC. She also loves to travel anywhere that she can.

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