X Factor 2009

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X Factor is nearly completing its sixth season soon and the Nation’s anxious to know who will win the X Factor 2009.

The judging panel consists of one and only Simon Cowell, humorous Louis Walsh, talented Danni Minogue and beautiful Cheryl Cole. Each judge has individual categories of contestants; Simon Cowl has the over 25s, Danni Minogue has the female soloists under 25, Cheryl Cole has the male soloists under 25 and Louis Walsh has the groups, once again!

There is only two weeks left for the Finale and it is difficult to decide which contestant will take the winning crown, as all the contestants have talent and entertain the audience well. Simon Cowell has two contestants left in the competition, Olly and Danyl and both of them have been in the bottom two in the recent episodes, so their likeability and fan following has been at question. Also, Cheryl and Danni have stated on the live show that they find Danyl to be ‘cocky’ and these statements from the two judges caused the audiences’ view of Danyl to change so could Danyl’s over confident personality affect his journey in the X Factor?

Cheryl Cole has only one contestant left, Joe who has great possibility of winning the X Factor this year. Since, Joe is the only contestant to have received a standing ovation from all the four judges in the series so far. Also, it has been repeatedly stated by all the judges that Joe is the best vocalist in the series and always strikes the high notes with fine perfection. Also, Joe is one of the two contestants who have not been in the bottom two in the competition to date, which shows he has strong fan-following.

Danni Minogue has one female contestant left too, Stacey who has great persona, talent and beauty to become a successful pop star. Also, Simon Cowell has stated on the live show that Stacey is the most genuine person that has been in the show ever. So, with the support of Stacey’s genuine personality and fine talent, she has never been on the bottom two in the series so far.

Unfortunately, Louis Walsh has no contestants left in the competition this year; however his twin group of John and Edward were very popular on the show with their entertaining performances. After watching the twins’ performance in each show, then Simon, Cheryl and Danni often questioned Louis if the show was about entertainment or singing. So, the twins lost their place in the competition mid-way and Louis lost all his contestants for the series.

Two weeks away from the final and Simon is the only judge that has two contestants for the semi-final and both Cheryl and Danni have one contestant left and Louis has no contestant left. So, there is strong competition between the judges Simon, Cheryl and Danni to battle their contestants’ way to the victory of the X Factor crown 2009!

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