Winner Of X-Factor 2009

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Olly Murs and Joe McElderry were the two Finalists of the X Factor 2009. It has been stated that the competition this year has been very strong as both the finalists have immense talent and great personality. So, it was very difficult for the audience and judges to choose which one was to be crowned the winner of the X Factor 2009.

Superior Simon Cowell had Olly Murs’s back throughout the competition and Joe McElderry had been mentored by beautiful Cheryl Cole.

Both the boys sang ‘The Climb’ (Miley Cyrus song) which will be the song of their first single released. Olly Murs climbed into the skin of the song and sang his heart out and it was very emotional seeing his performance, since he cried during the song showing how much the X Factor journey and victory meant for him as a person. Throughout the competition, Olly Murs was heard singing energetic and fast track songs so with him singing ‘The Climb’ showed the audience and the judges that Olly is a very flexible singer. Since, Olly Murs sang the musical song beautifully by hitting all the vocals at the right time and the outcome was exceptional.

On the other hand, Joe McElderry has been known to be finest vocalist of the entire competition so it was no surprise that Joe would be able to pull ‘The Climb’ off effortlessly. Again, by singing ‘The Climb’ with fine melody, Joe achieved great compliments from the judges and an outstanding cheer from the audience.

Nonetheless, there could only be one winner of X Factor 2009 and the mentors of both the contestants, Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole were very nervous about the results. Since, both the mentors knew that their individual contestant was facing highly tough competition against their contender.

The presenter of the X Factor, Dermot O’Leary announced that Joe McElderry was the Winner of X Factor 2009. It is a great achievement of Joe McElderry to have won the X Factor title at the age of 18 years old and the audience had witnessed his exceptional talent, genuine personality and excellent improvement throughout the competition forcing them to vote Joe McElderry as the Winner of X Factor 2009!

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