Which Bravo Real Housewives Cast Do You Belong To? A Quiz

When we first fell in love with the women in Orange County, no one imagined that getting a glimpse into the lives of entitled real housewives all over America would be so addictive. With all their glamorous homes, fabulous wardrobes and not-to-be-forgotten parties all over America, the average housewife probably imagined having absolutely nothing in common with women whose unattainable lifestyles seem like fairy tales. Yet, for every one of the many cities represented in the franchise, real women experience the same challenges and struggles we all face — and that’s why we love them so much.

Take the following quiz to see which housewife you’re most similar to. You never know if Andy Cohen and his casting agents are looking for their next stars in your city!

1. Friends would describe your ambitions as:

a. Shooting for the moon (because you’re going places, baby!).
b. Unconventional. You know what you want and you go for it, even if others think you’re crazy.
c. Relationship-driven. Your value system is centered on supporting your family and maintaining lasting relationships with friends (who really are extended family to you).
d. Balanced. You’re equally as concerned about your personal life as you are about your professional endeavors (it’s a hard balancing act, but you make it look easy).

2. Your family dynamics are, in your own estimation:

a. Complex. While you love each other dearly, the tension can be tough at times. However, you’re committed to doing whatever is necessary to keep love alive.
b. Peaceable. You have built a strong foundation on your common ground but aren’t afraid to have independent interests.
c. Centralized. You set the tone that everyone follows — after all, happy wife, happy life.
d. Laughter-based. You deal with your issues while inserting humor into each day.

3. Your main philosophy in life is:

a. Be honest with yourself and others. Be fearless in pursuing your dreams.
b. New territory is only charted by those who see the possibilities and seize the opportunity.
c. The key to life is good food, great friends and a close-knit family.
d. You can have it all! Be fair in your dealings with others and work to maintain your friendships almost as much as you work to build your career.

If your answers were mostly [A], you are NeNe Leakes:

You are a social butterfly and the life of any party. While you certainly aren’t afraid to speak your mind and share opinions, you are equally as likely to go back and “mend fences” to heal a broken relationship. Your willingness to leave the past in the past is a true testament to your determination to overcome any obstacles while achieving your dreams.

If your answers were mostly [B], you are Gretchen Rossi:

You are definitely a trailblazer — unafraid to chart new territory or carve out your own path. You set forth your own action plan, then move forward to carry it out, making you an entrepreneur at heart. In relationships, you are confident in expressing your feelings for others. Along with a penchant for all things girly and beautiful, you’re everyone’s go-to planner for extraordinary celebrations everyone will enjoy.

If your answers were mostly [C], you are Caroline Manzo:

Extremely dedicated to your family, you are the glue that keeps everyone together. You’re a loyal and genuine friend who is not to be messed with. You’re direct in your communication style, with a “say it exactly like you mean it” flair that most people (except your enemies) appreciate.

If your answers were mostly [D], you are Lisa Vanderpump:

Your sense of style is classic, but your fashion identity is your love for unconventional accessories. You’re a bit of a jokester who enjoys peaceable company. You do, however, possess a quick wit that draws people in. You’re savvy at running a successful business and maintaining a healthy social life. Friends and family appreciate your loyalty and massive heart of gold.

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