Voluptuous Body Of Kim Kardashian

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Stunning Kim Kardashian is living a fantastical life that any girl could only dream of living. Since the 29 year old stars in a hit reality show, Keeping up the Kardashians with her entire family and they have just completed shooting for the fourth season of the hit reality show. Plus, the beauty is continuously appearing in the best magazines like People, Kurv, Cosmopolitan, Vegas, US, Playboy, FHM South Africa and many more!  Recently, Kim has released her first perfume called Kim Kardashian the voluptuous fragrance. We have to say that Kim has certainly decided the right name for her perfume, voluptuous; since she relates very well to the meaning of voluptuous by having pleasing body contours.

In 2008, Miss K was 128 lbs on a 5’3” frame with great curves which most women would die for, however Kim stated in the People magazine (September 2009 issue) that she felt ‘self-conscious about her thighs’ and ‘great butt’, which she was unhappy about. So, Kim began using Quicktrim which is a dietary supplement and cleanser and she lost 15 lbs within months of working out daily for almost one hour.  Although, she is a US size 2 (UK size 6) but she still maintains to keep her voluptuous figure which makes every young girl fall in love with a curvy figure instead of a size zero figure, wouldn’t you agree?

Of course, there is another celebrity who adores her curves, Jennifer Lopez, who is the ideal of Kim Kardashian. Reportedly, in Cosmopolitan (November 2009 issue), Kim stated that ‘she nearly hyperventilated the first time she met her idol, Jennifer Lopez’.

To get the body of Kim, you could purchase the star’s fitness video series Fit in Your Jeans by Friday where Kim performs her daily workout sessions and gives tips about what to do to get those curves right!

So, would you agree that Kim Kardashian encourages girls to accept and flaunt their curves?  Personally, do you feel happier with your curves after looking at Kim’s voluptuous body?

To see the latest pictures of gorgeous Kim Kardashian then visit: http://kimkardashianweb.com/gallery

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