Top 5 Worst Action Movie Stars

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Ok, compiling this list was a lot harder than I had originally thought. Plus there’s many an actor I could have put up in this list as when you actually sit down and go through the actors, you’ll find most of them have made some right duds in their careers.

Ok, i’m just going to state here that this is personal choice of who I think are my worst action movie stars, so some of you may agree, and some may not, so here it is:

Steven Seagal – If this guy is not in most peoples Worst Lists then I would be thoroughly shocked. There’s probably a reason why most of his movies end up straight to DVD. His acting is so wooden to say the least. Under Siege was probably his only saving grace as it was well received worldwide.

Dolph Lundgren - After making a promising debut in Rocky IV as Ivan Drago, we thought that maybe there was a new muscular action man in town. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, as one bad movie lead to another with Universal Soldier and Masters of the Universe being 2 from many others. After a 15 year absence he is to star in the big budget multi-starrer “The Expendables” out later this year, can it resurrect his career?

Jean-Claude Van Damme – If it wasn’t for Bloodsport and Kickboxer being such great Martial Arts films, Van Damme would have been at Number 2 on the list. Street Fighter must be ranked as one of his worst movies, as well as probably the worst video game movie to be made. Van Damme also stars in the upcoming “The Expendables”.

Ben Affleck - Although his movies have been a commercial success, there’s no getting away from the fact his acting is not a redeeming quality. If it wasn’t for the financial successes of Armageddon and Pearl Harbour, he would just be another regular Hollywood actor.

Keanu Reeves - He is another actor who has been a commercial success, but I feel he is riding on the success of his Matrix trilogy too much now. Here is another actor whose acting is not his greatest ability yet makes you wonder how he manages to get this big movie offers.

Well there you have it, my list of who I think are the worst action stars to have graced our screens. There have been others like many of the WWE Superstars who have crossed over to acting (Hulk Hogan, John Cena etc), as well as the likes of Shaquille O’Neal (Steel), Antonio Banderas and even Sylvester Stallone isn’t exactly known for his acting abilities, then you have Wesley Snipes (Demolition Man, Blade Series), the list just goes on.

So which actors would be in your worst lists?

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